Postdocs: Pierluigi Contucci, Oscar Bolina, Daniel Ueltschi, Wolfgang Spitzer, Jean-Bernard Bru, Tom Michoel, Bob Sims, Yoshiko Ogata, Motohisa Fukuda, Sven Bachmann, Jogia Bandyopadhyay, Dirk Deckert, Michael Bishop, Pieter Naaijkens, Martin Gebert.  

PhD students: Shannon Starr, Justin Abbott, Jeremy Clark, Ram Puri, Max McCoskey, Spiros Michalakis, Jaideep Mulherkar, Hillel Raz, Stephen Ng, Anna Vershynina, Amanda Young, Matthew Cha Alvin Moon, Jake Reschke, Michael Ragone, Siddharth Vadnerkar, Andrew Jackson, Rahul Hingorani, .  

Master students: Li Lei, Nigie Shi, Austin Calder, Katy Marchand. 

Undergraduate students: Amanda Young, Aaron Hsu . 


Pierluigi Contucci. Period at Davis: 07/1998-12/2000.

Current position: Professor, Department of Mathematics, University of Bologna. 


Oscar Bolina. Period at Davis: 06/1998-06/2001. Current position: Kaplan, China.

Daniel Ueltschi. Period at Davis: 07/2001-06/2003. Current Position: Professor, Mathematics Institute, University of Warwick.


Wolfgang Spitzer. Period at Davis:  07/2000-06/2003. Current position: Professor, Stochastics and Mathematical Physics, Fern-Universitaet Hagen.


Jean-Bernard Bru. Period at Davis: 07/2000-06/2001. Current position: Ikerbasque Research Professor, Department of Mathematics, University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU, Leioa, Spain.


Tom Michoel. Period at Davis: 09/2001-08/2002. Current position: Professor, Department Professor in Bioinformatics, Department of Informatics and Computational Biology Unit, University of Bergen


Robert Sims. Period at Davis 01/2005-09/2007.

Current position: Professor, Department of Mathematics, University of Arizona.


Yoshiko Ogata.  Period at Davis: 07/2005-06/2006.

Current position: Professor, Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Tokyo.


Motohisa Fukuda.  Period at Davis: 07/2007-06/2010.

Current position: Associate Professor, Faculty of Science, Yamagata University, Japan.


Sven Bachmann.  Period at Davis: 07/2009-06/2013.

Current position: Associate Professor, University of British Columbia, Vancouver.


Jogia Bandyopadhyay.  Period at Davis: 07/2012-06/2015.

Dirk Deckert.  Period at Davis: 07/2011-06/2014.

Current position: Group Leader, International Junior Research Group of the Elite Network of Bavaria, Mathematical Institute, Ludwig-Maximilian University, Munich.


Michael Bishop.  Period at Davis: 07/2013-06/2016.

Current position: Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics, California State University, Fresno.


Pieter Naaijkens.  Period at Davis: 10/2015-06/2017.

Current position: Lecturer, School of Mathematics, Cardiff University,


Martin Gebert.  Period at Davis: 07/2018-11/2020.

Current position:

PhD Students

Shannon Starr: PhD June 2001. Dissertation: Some properties for the low lying spectrum of the ferromagnetic quantum XXZ spin system.

Current position: Associate Professor, University of Alabama, Birmingham.


Justin Abbott: PhD June 2003. Dissertation: Low temperature results for the Heisenberg XXZ and XY models.

Current position: Modeling Scientist with Science Application International Corporation (SAIC).

Jeremy Clark: PhD June 2007. Dissertation: Weak Coupling Limit for a Tracer Particle with Rapid Scatterings by Light particles with Point Interactions.

Current Position: Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics, University of Mississippi.


Spiros Michalakis: PhD August 2008. Dissertation: Entanglement and ground states of gapped Hamiltonians.

Current Position: Manager of Outreach and Researcher, Institute for Quantum Information, Califonia Institute of Technology.


Jaideep Mulherkar: PhD June 2009. Dissertation: Some Properties of the Ferromagnetic XXZ Spin Chain and Their Applications to Quantum Computation.

Current Position: Assistant Professor, Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology (DA-IICT), Gandhinagar, India.


Hillel Raz: PhD June 2009. Dissertation: Lieb-Robinson Bounds in the Anharmonic Lattice.

Current Position: Chief Scientist, BondIT Ltd, Israel.

Stephen Ng: PhD June, 2011. Dissertation: Ordering of Energy Levels of U_q(sl_2) Invariant Hamiltonians.

Current Position: Exelis, Rochester, NY.

Anna Vershynina: PhD June 2012. Dissertation: Existence of the thermodynamic limit and asymptotic behavior of some irreversible quantum dynamical systems. 

Current Position: Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, University of Houston.


Amanda Young: PhD June 2016. Dissertation: Spectral Properties of Multi-Dimensional Quantum Spin Systems.

Current Position: MCQST Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Mathematics, Technical University of Munich.


Matthew Cha: PhD June 2017. Dissertation: Topologically Ordered States in Infinite Quantum Spin Systems.

Current Position: Quantum Computing Scientist, General Atomics.

Alvin Moon: PhD June 2020. Dissertation: Stable Properties of Gapped Ground State Phases in Quantum Spin Chains.

Current Position: Associate Mathematician, RAND Corporation.

Jake Reschke: PhD December 2021. Dissertation: Applications of Lieb-Robinson Bounds to Quantum Dynamics with and without Disorder.

Current Position: Data Scientist, Tatari.

Michael Ragone: PhD in progress.

Siddharth Vadnerkar: PhD in progress.

Andrew Jackson: PhD in progress.

Rahul Hingorani: PhD in progress.

Master Students

Li Lei: MS Applied Mathematics. Thesis: The Low Energy Spectrum of the Spin 1/2 Heisenberg XXZ Chain in a Pinning Field.

Nigie Shi: MS Applied Mathematics. Thesis: Time-Dependent Solutions of a Discrete Schrodinger's Equation.

Current position: PhD program in Applied Statistics, UC Riverside.

Austin Calder: MS Applied Mathematics. Thesis: A Search for Finitely Correlated States via a Density Matrix Renormalization Group Analysis.


Current Position: National Security Agency. 

Katy Marchand: MS Applied Mathematics, June 2008. Thesis: A Method for Estimating the Entropy Rate of Hidden Markov Processes.


Current Position: Woodland Christian Highschool. 

Undergraduate Students

Amanda Young: BS 2008, Highest Honors, Thesis: An Approach to Bounding the Spectral Gap Above the Ground State of a Quantum Spin Chain.

Current position: PhD program in Mathematics, UC Davis.


Aaron Hsu: BS 2014, Highest Honors, Thesis: Bound States and Scattering States of a Quantum Particle on Half-Infinite Lattices.

Current position: Teach for America, Oakland, CA.