My research lies within Combinatorial & Computational Applied Mathematics

This very personal way to do Mathematics is

Combinatorial and
Applied Mathematics, but often dealing with problems using tools from
Convex Analysis & Geometry,
Algebra & Combinatorial Geometry,
Optimization, Operations Research, and Data Science,
Other application areas.

Here is a quick summary of my research (as of July2022) , with some highlights.


You can find here all my books, papers, and software with some brief description and a few links to papers.

Most of my papers, since 2002 at least, are available at the mathematics ArXiv.
I am glad to send old reprints by request.

Are you interested?

I run a weekly seminar for my research group. Because of my interests, it was baptized as the CCACAOO Seminar
(indeed, it provides sweet intelectual caffeine and speakers bring chocolate to share too). Contact me if you are interested
to attend. I encourage all students interested to contact me early on. If you wish to hear about more, here is some further
information for undegraduate and graduate students who may wish to work with me.