None of the six basic trigonometry functions is a one-to-one function. However, in the following list, each trigonometry function is listed with an appropriately restricted domain, which makes it one-to-one.
    1. tex2html_wrap_inline64 for tex2html_wrap_inline66
    2. tex2html_wrap_inline68 for tex2html_wrap_inline70
    3. tex2html_wrap_inline72 for tex2html_wrap_inline74
    4. tex2html_wrap_inline76 for tex2html_wrap_inline70, except tex2html_wrap_inline80
    5. tex2html_wrap_inline82 for tex2html_wrap_inline66, except x = 0
    6. tex2html_wrap_inline88 for tex2html_wrap_inline90
Because each of the above-listed functions is one-to-one, each has an inverse function. The corresponding inverse functions are
    1. tex2html_wrap_inline92 for tex2html_wrap_inline94
    2. tex2html_wrap_inline96 for tex2html_wrap_inline98
    3. tex2html_wrap_inline100 for tex2html_wrap_inline102
    4. tex2html_wrap_inline104arctex2html_wrap_inline106 for tex2html_wrap_inline98, except tex2html_wrap_inline110
    5. tex2html_wrap_inline104arctex2html_wrap_inline114 for tex2html_wrap_inline94, except y = 0
    6. tex2html_wrap_inline104arctex2html_wrap_inline122 for tex2html_wrap_inline124
In the following discussion and solutions the derivative of a function h(x) will be denoted by tex2html_wrap_inline128 or h'(x) . The derivatives of the above-mentioned inverse trigonometric functions follow from trigonometry identities, implicit differentiation, and the chain rule. They are as follows.
    1. tex2html_wrap_inline132
    2. tex2html_wrap_inline134
    3. tex2html_wrap_inline136
    4. tex2html_wrap_inline138arctex2html_wrap_inline140
    5. tex2html_wrap_inline138arctex2html_wrap_inline144
    6. tex2html_wrap_inline138arctex2html_wrap_inline148
In the list of problems which follows, most problems are average and a few are somewhat challenging.

Some of the following problems require use of the chain rule.

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