Mathematics-Related Professions

Why Choose a Mathematics-Related Profession ?

Mathematics teaches patience, discipline, and step-by-step problem-solving skills. For those with a substantial background in mathematics, an unlimited number of career opportunuities are available. According to Jobs Rated Almanac , a 1990 publication of World Almanac Books of New York, NY, careers that require a very strong background in mathematics were listed as the five "best" jobs. They were :

Almost all of the top fifty jobs in this "best" jobs list involved mathematical reasoning and knowledge. This list was the result of the comparison of two hundred fifty jobs classified according to :

A List of Professions

The following list briefly describes work associated with some mathematics-related professions :


There are many public and private employers who hire some of the above-mentioned professionals. Besides schools, colleges, universities, and many state and federal agencies, some specific employers include the Internal Revenue Service, U. S. Census Bureau, Ford Motor Co., Transamerica Insurance Co., Jet Propulsion Laboratory, L. L. Bean, IBM Corporation, Center for Communications Research, Sandia National Laboratories, A. C. Nielsen Co., American Airlines, U. S. Department of Energy, Exxon Production Research Co., United Airlines, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Prudential Securities, International Computer Science Institute, National Security Agency, Silicon Graphics, Control Data Corporation, U. S. Geological Survey, Renaissance Software, Goddard Space Flight Center, Los Alamos National Laboratory, and U. S. Department of Agriculture.

A Career in the Mathematical Sciences is Not for You ?

Even if you do not choose a career in the mathematical sciences, studying as much mathematics as you can is a good way to keep your career options open. Mathematics is an excellent foundation for, and is usually a prerequisite to, study in all areas of science and engineering. Students in such areas as anthropology, sociology, and psychology, as well as law, business, and medicine, also benefit from a solid background in mathematics and statistics. It will help you to better understand science and technology and their effects on our world.

Some of the above information is generously provided by The Mathematical Association of America ( MAA ) and the Association for Women in Mathematics ( AWM ) . Find additonal information about teaching of mathematics at the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators ( AMTE )

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