Matthias Köppe

Professor, Mathematics

Faculty Member, Applied Mathematics, Mathematics, Computer Science (graduate programs/groups)

Faculty Member, UC Davis TETRAPODS Institute of Data Science (UCD4IDS)

Faculty Affiliate, UC Davis Center for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Research (CeDAR)

Faculty Affiliate, UC Davis DataLab

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My work is in mathematical optimization (integer programming), computational discrete mathematics, and mathematical software.

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... on multi-row cuts, cut-generating functions, Gomory–Johnson's infinite group relaxation:

... on primal integer programming:

... on mixed-integer nonlinear optimization:

... on game theory and bilevel optimization:

... on effective generating function methods, integration, and summation:

... on enumerative combinatorics and number theory:

Algebraic and Geometric
      Ideas in the Theory of Discrete Optimization (with Jesús
      A. De Loera and Raymond Hemmecke; cover art by Astrid
... a textbook and research monograph:

... more... (see also my Google Scholar profile and arXiv)

Mathematical Software and Data