Graphics Vision for the Free Pascal Compiler (FPC)

Graphics Vision (GV) is a pixel-oriented graphical re-implementation of Borland's Turbo Vision (Pascal). It is available for DOS, DPMI and Windows. It is currently being ported to the free 32-bit Free Pascal compiler (Target: GO32 DOS Extender and GNU/Linux with SVGALIB). The Free Pascal versions of GV are free software.

Download the GV/FPC distribution

Download a development snapshot of GV/FPC of 14-Feb-1999 for the Free Pascal Compiler, version 0.99.10, from here: You should have a recent version of FPC installed. I use the version provided in fpc-0.99.10-1.i386.rpm, so if you also use this version, everything should work fine. Any later version should also work but it is not tested and you never know.

Everything else is provided in the snapshot. (Sorry if you get packages that you already have but I don't have time at the moment to keep track of changing versions etc.)

There is also some documentation available (Postscript and sources), mostly in German, and not very extensive anyway:

Other Graphics Visions


Matthias Koeppe <> is one of the original Graphics Vision authors. He is responsible for the Free Pascal port.

Stefan Milius <> is one of the original Graphics Vision authors.