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Mz800em is a SHARP MZ-800 emulator, running on GNU/Linux (on the consolte using svgalib, or on X with the GTK+ toolkit), or on Windows-32 systems (that is 95, 98, NT). It is covered by the GNU General Public License. It requires a copy of the MZ-800 ROM to run. It can run MZ80K, MZ700 and MZ800 programs. It supports most m/c programs and games. There are also methods for loading BASIC programs into some BASIC interpreters. A patched version of D-BASIC has full-featured access to directories in the Unix file system.

Mz800em is based on Mz700em written by Russell Marks, which uses the Z80 emulator by Ian Collier.

Read the README file for details. You can also read the ChangeLog, the TODO file and the original README-700.

SourceForge Logo Mz800em is a SourceForge project now. The most current sources are available from the CVS repository.

Mz800em for GNU/Linux and Windows-32

Download the file archive from SourceForge and compile it.

mz800em originally targets to GNU/Linux with svgalib, but I have ported mz800em to X (using GTK+) and to Windows-32 (Windows NT, 95, 98), using Cygwin, so the sources in the archive above also compile for those targets.

Sorry, I don't provide a binary distribution (unless you pay me); just get the Cygwin system and compile it yourself. And no, you can't get any ROMs from me since they are copyrighted material (unless you prove to me that you have an MZ-800 and therefore have a license to use the ROMs; see README for details).

Contributions of binary distributions are welcome.

Mz800em for DOS

Some time ago, I prepared a DOS version of mz800em, using DJGPP2 and the svgalib port to DJGPP. It is not available here since it still needs a lot of work: Timing does not work properly, and the svgalib keyboard interface drops out key presses and releases at random. It also has to be unified with the trunk of development of mz800em (the DJGPP version branched out pretty early; see the DJGPP-PORT-BRANCH in the CVS repository). Since I don't need a version running under DOS, contributors are needed who improve and maintain the DJGPP version.

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