Fractal Geometry
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Optimal transport paths have closed relationships with fractals.
For instance, we may combine the ideas of optimal transport paths with DLA (diffusion limited aggregation) by setting the probability of a new particle sticking to the already formed cluster to be a number which is inversely proportional to the additional transportation cost from the sticking position to the source via the existing transport system hidden in the cluster.  Then, by changing the parameter alpha as in the theory of optimal transport paths, we get a family of clusters with full range of fractal dimensions ranging from 1 to 2. The ordinary DLA corresponds to the case alpha=0 with dimension around 1.7. 

dlan5 dlan2dlan1p5.png
dlan1.png dlanp6dlanp4.png
dla0.png dlap25dlap5
dlap75 dla1dla1p2