Undergraduate Research Assistant/Programmer

There are 2-3 computer programming open positions for undergraduate computer science/mathematics majors. These positions provide a great opportunity for undergraduates to work on cutting edge open source mathematical software. The work will be part of several ongoing projects in the Department of Mathematics involving developing state of the art mathematical software to test new algorithms in the areas of discrete optimization and polyhedral computation. The position involves varied tasks from all stages of the software development life cycle: prototyping, design, implementation, testing and release. The applicant should have an excellent knowledge of C/C++, object oriented design and unix/linux, and an understanding of software engineering principles. Experience with Autotools, CVS or SVN is a plus. A strong mathematical background in linear algebra is necessary and it is desirable to have some further mathematical maturity.

The positions start as soon as possible until the end of the quarter with the possibility of extension up to a year and Summer employment is a possibility too. The expected workload is 10 hours a week and the salary is about $500 a month. There is also the possibility to receive some course credit.

contact: Prof. Jesus De Loera, deloera@math.ucdavis.edu