Olivia M Dumitrescu

Position: Krener Assistant Professor
Year joining UC Davis: 2010
Degree: Ph.D., 2010, Colorado State University
Refereed publications: Via Math Reviews


    I am interested in algebraic geometry and my current research interests revolve around degeneration techniques, interpolation problems, Nagata's conjecture, toric geometry, Mori theory.

Selected Publications

[1] Ciliberto, C., Dumitrescu, O., and R. Miranda. "Degenerations of the Veronese and Applications," Bull. Belg. Math. Soc., Simon Stevin, 16(5): 771-798, 2009, manuscript here.

[2] Ciliberto, C., Dumitrescu, O., Miranda, R., and J. Roe. "Emptiness of Homogeneous Linear Systems with Ten General Base Points," preprint.

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