Robert Guy

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Year joining UC Davis: 2006
Degree: Ph.D.,2004, University of Utah, Salt Lake City


Bob Guy researches problems in mathematical biology, fluid dynamics, and scientific computing. He develops mathematical models and computational methods to explore problems in biology that involve complex fluids such as platelet aggregation, fibrin gel formation, and cytoplasmic streaming.

Selected Publications

    [1] J. Du, J.P. Keener, R.D. Guy, and A.L. Fogelson, "Low Reynolds number swimming in viscous two-phase fluids," Physical Review E, 85:036304, 8 pp., 2012, Full Text.

    [2] R.D. Guy, T. Nakagaki, and G.B. Wright, "Flow-induced channel formation in the cytoplasm of motile cells," Physical Review E, 84:016310, 13 pp., 2011, Full Text.

    [3] N.G. Cogan, and R.D. Guy, "Multiphase flow models of biogels from crawling cells to bacterial biofilms," HFSP J., 4(1):11-25, 2010, Full Text.

    [4] R.D. Guy, A.L. Fogelson, and J.P. Keener, "Fibrin formation in a shear flow," Math. Med. Biol., 24:111-130, 2007, Full Text.

    [5] E.P. Newren, A.L. Fogelson, R.D. Guy, and R.M. Kirby, "Unconditionally stable discretizations of the immersed boundary equations," Journal of Computational Physics, 222(2):702-719, 2007, Full Text.

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