UC Davis Mathematics

UC Davis Mathematics arXiv Preprints


1.   math-ph/0412084 Non-unitary minimal models, Bailey's lemma and N=1,2 superconformal algebras. Lipika Deka, Anne Schilling. Commun.Math.Phys. 260 (2005) 711-725. physics.math-ph.
2.   math/0412376 X=M for symmetric powers. Anne Schilling, Mark Shimozono. J. Algebra 295 (2006) 562-610. math.QA (math.CO).
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5.   math/0411662 Weak Forms of the Ehrenpreis Conjecture and the Surface Subgroup Conjecture. Lewis Bowen. math.GT (math.GR).
6.   math/0411626 A Counter Example of Invariant Deformation Quantization. Xiang Tang. math.QA (math.DG).
7.   math/0411447 Link homology and Frobenius extensions. Mikhail Khovanov. Fundamenta Mathematicae, 190 (2006), 179-190.. math.QA (math.GT).
8.   math/0411421 Distribution Functions for Edge Eigenvalues in Orthogonal and Symplectic Ensembles: Painlevé Representations. Momar Dieng. math.PR.
9.   math/0411182 A path model for geodesics in Euclidean buildings and its applications to representation theory. Michael Kapovich, John J. Millson. math.RT (math.GR math.MG).
10.   math/0411065 Locally unknotted spines of Heegaard splittings. Jesse Johnson. Algebr. Geom. Topol. 5 (2005) 1573-1584. math.GT.
11.   math/0410195 Pade-Type Model Reduction of Second-Order and Higher-Order Linear Dynamical Systems. Roland W. Freund. math.NA (math.DS).
12.   math/0410001 Small ball probability and Dvoretzky theorem. Bo'az Klartag, Roman Vershynin. math.FA (math.PR).
13.   math/0409440 Strong S-equivalence of ordered links. Carol Gwosdz Gee. math.GT.
14.   math/0409437 A difference-integral representation of Koornwinder polynomials. Eric M. Rains. math.CA (math.CO math.QA).
15.   math/0409261 New deformations of group algebras of Coxeter groups. Pavel Etingof, Eric Rains. math.QA (math.RA).
16.   math/0409059 A short note on the non-negativity of partial Euler characteristics. Tony J. Puthenpurakal. math.AC.
17.   math-ph/0409006 Quantum Spin Systems. Bruno Nachtergaele. physics.math-ph.
18.   math/0408360 Special moments. Greg Kuperberg (UC Davis). math.PR (math.NA).
19.   math/0408186 Green's Function of 3-D Helmholtz Equation for Turbulent Medium: Application to Optics. Peng Li (UC-Davis). math.AP (physics.math-ph).
20.   math/0408116 Time-Dependent Solutions of a Discrete Schrodinger's Equation. Nigie Shi. math.SP.
21.   math/0408113 Finite-Dimensional Crystals B^{2,s} for Quantum Affine Algebras of type D_{n}^{(1)}. Anne Schilling, Philip Sternberg. J. Alg. Combin. 23 (2006) 317-354. math.QA (math.CO).
22.   math/0408020 The stable and the real rank of Z-absorbing C*-algebras. Mikael Rordam. International J. Math., 15, No. 10 (2004), 1065-1084. math.OA.
23.   math/0407365 On the motion of an elastic solid inside of an incompressible viscous fluid. Daniel Coutand, Steve Shkoller. math.AP.
24.   math/0407001 An Explicit Formula for Restricted Partition Function through Bernoulli Polynomials. Boris Y. Rubinstein. math.NT.
25.   nlin/0406062 Noise Induced Dissipation in Discrete-Time Classical and Quantum Dynamical Systems. Lech Wolowski. nlin.CD (math.DS).
26.   math-ph/0406055 Relaxation Time of Quantized Toral Maps. A. Fannjiang, S. Nonnenmacher, L. Wolowski. T04/083. physics.math-ph (math.DS).
27.   math/0406480 Generalized double affine Hecke algebras of rank 1 and quantized Del Pezzo surfaces. Pavel Etingof, Alexei Oblomkov, Eric Rains. math.QA (math.AG).
28.   math/0406284 Barvinok's Rational Functions: Algorithms and Applications to Optimization, Statistics, and Algebra. Ruriko Yoshida. math.CO (math.OC math.ST stat.TH).
29.   math/0406248 A bijection between type D_n^{(1)} crystals and rigged configurations. Anne Schilling. J.Algebra 285 (2005) 292-334. math.QA (math.CO physics.math-ph).
30.   math/0406197 Heegaard splittings of graph manifolds. Jennifer Schultens. Geom. Topol. 8(2004) 831-876. math.GT.
31.   math/0405566 Frame expansions with erasures: an approach through the non-commutative operator theory. Roman Vershynin. math.FA (math.NA).
32.   math/0405476 Algebraic Combinatorics of Magic Squares. Maya Mohsin Ahmed. math.CO.
33.   math/0405366 Numerical cubature from Archimedes' hat-box theorem. Greg Kuperberg (UC Davis). math.NA (math.MG).
34.   math/0405181 Magic graphs and the faces of the Birkhoff polytope. Maya Mohsin Ahmed. math.CO.
35.   math/0405090 Poisson Statistics for the Largest Eigenvalues of Wigner Random Matrices with Heavy Tails. Alexander Soshnikov. Elect. Commun. in Probab., 9 (2004), 82-91. math.PR (physics.math-ph).
36.   math/0405035 Simple Riesz groups having wild intervals. Francisco Ortus, Enric Pardo, Francesc Perera. UAB preprint series. Number 13/2004. math.OA (math.KT).
37.   math/0404502 On random intersections of two convex bodies. Appendix to: "Isoperimetry of waists and local versus global asymptotic convex geometries" by R.Vershynin. Mark Rudelson, Roman Vershynin. math.FA.
38.   math/0404500 Isoperimetry of waists and local versus global asymptotic convex geometries. Roman Vershynin. math.FA.
39.   math/0404192 Combinatorics of random processes and sections of convex bodies. Mark Rudelson, Roman Vershynin. math.FA (math.PR).
40.   math/0404193 Random processes via the combinatorial dimension: introductory notes. Mark Rudelson, Roman Vershynin. math.FA (math.PR).
41.   math/0403425 On the Largest Singular Values of Random Matrices with Independent Cauchy Entries. Alexander Soshnikov, Yan V. Fyodorov. J. Math. Phys. 46, 033302 (2005), 15 pages. math.PR (physics.math-ph).
42.   math/0403278 Integer cells in convex sets. Roman Vershynin. math.FA (math.CO).
43.   math/0402319 Degenerations and representations of twisted Shibukawa-Ueno R-operators. Robin Endelman, Timothy J. Hodges. math.QA.
44.   math/0402113 BC_n-symmetric abelian functions. Eric M. Rains. math.CO (math.QA).
45.   math/0402047 Numerical cubature using error-correcting codes. Greg Kuperberg (UC Davis). math.NA (math.CO math.MG).
46.   math/0401268 Matrix factorizations and link homology. Mikhail Khovanov, Lev Rozansky. math.QA.