UC Davis Mathematics

UC Davis Mathematics arXiv Preprints


1.   arXiv:0812.2202 Greedy Signal Recovery Review. D. Needell, J. A. Tropp, R. Vershynin. Proc. Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems, and Computers, Pacific Grove, CA Oct. 2008. math.NA (cs.IT).
2.   arXiv:0811.1604 Perfectness of Kirillov-Reshetikhin crystals for nonexceptional types. Ghislain Fourier, Masato Okado, Anne Schilling. Contemp. Math. 506 (2010) 127-143. math.RT (math.CO).
3.   arXiv:0810.5067 Kirillov--Reshetikhin crystals for nonexceptional types. Ghislain Fourier, Masato Okado, Anne Schilling. Adv.Math.222:1080-1116,2009. math.RT (math.CO).
4.   arXiv:0810.4655 A note on lattice-face polytopes and their Ehrhart polynomials. Fu Liu. math.CO.
5.   arXiv:0810.4517 A priori estimates for the motion of a self-gravitating incompressible liquid with free surface boundary. Hand Lindblad, Karl Hakan Nordgren. math.AP.
6.   arXiv:0810.3742 Circular thin position for knots in the 3-sphere. F. Manjarrez-Gutierrez. math.GT.
7.   arXiv:0810.2867 Tractors, Mass and Weyl Invariance. A. R. Gover, A. Shaukat, A. Waldron. Nucl.Phys.B812:424-455,2009. physics.hep-th (math.DG physics.gr-qc).
8.   arXiv:0809.2083 How to Integrate a Polynomial over a Simplex. Velleda Baldoni, Nicole Berline (CMLS-EcolePolytechnique), Jesus De Loera, Matthias Köppe, Michèle Vergne (CMLS-EcolePolytechnique). math.MG (cs.CC cs.SC).
9.   arXiv:0809.1463 On Resolvent Identities in Gaussian Ensembles at the Edge of the Spectrum. Alexander Soshnikov. physics.math-ph (math.PR).
10.   arXiv:0809.0689 Rational Generating Functions and Integer Programming Games. Matthias Köppe, Christopher Thomas Ryan, Maurice Queyranne. cs.GT (math.CO).
11.   arXiv:0809.0323 Arithmetic aspects of self-similar groups. Michael Kapovich. math.GR (math.GT).
12.   arXiv:0809.0300 Affine buildings for dihedral groups. Arkady Berenstein, Michael Kapovich. math.MG (math.GR math.RT).
13.   arXiv:0809.0086 Twisted de Rham cohomology, homological definition of the integral and "Physics over a ring". Albert Schwarz, Ilya Shapiro. Nucl.Phys.B809:547-560,2009. math.AG (physics.hep-th).
14.   arXiv:0808.3439 Combinatorial bases for multilinear parts of free algebras with double compatible brackets. Fu Liu. math.CO.
15.   arXiv:0808.2491 The Dynamics of the One-Dimensional Delta-Function Bose Gas. Craig A. Tracy, Harold Widom. J. Phys. A: Math. Theor. 41 (2008) 485204. physics.math-ph.
16.   arXiv:0808.0890 Laplacian spectrum for the nilpotent Kac-Moody Lie algebras. Dmitry Fuchs, Constance Wilmarth. math.RA.
17.   arXiv:0807.3723 Numerical simulation of optimal transport paths. Qinglan Xia. math.OC (math.CO math.NA).
18.   arXiv:0807.3377 The geodesic problem in quasimetric spaces. Qinglan Xia. Journal of Geometric Analysis: Volume 19, Issue2 (2009), Page 452-479. math.MG (math.DG math.FA math.OC).
19.   arXiv:0807.1713 Asymptotics in ASEP with Step Initial Condition. Craig A. Tracy, Harold Widom. Commun. Math. Phys. 290 (2009), 129--154. math.PR (physics.math-ph).
20.   arXiv:0806.3131 On the uniqueness of promotion operators on tensor products of type A crystals. Jason Bandlow, Anne Schilling, Nicolas M. Thiery. J. Algebraic Combinatorics 31 (2010) 217-251. math.CO (math.QA).
21.   arXiv:0806.1976 Projections of Singular Vectors of Verma Modules over Rank 2 Kac-Moody Lie Algebras. Dmitry Fuchs, Constance Wilmarth. SIGMA 4 (2008), 059, 11 pages. math.RT.
22.   arXiv:0805.4473 Deformations and automorphisms: a framework for globalizing local tangent and obstruction spaces. Brian Osserman. math.AG.
23.   arXiv:0805.3407 The least singular value of a random square matrix is O(n^{-1/2}). Mark Rudelson, Roman Vershynin. math.PR (math.FA).
24.   arXiv:0805.0480 Spectral gap for the interchange process in a box. Ben Morris. math.PR.
25.   arXiv:0804.3781 Hecke group algebras as quotients of affine Hecke algebras at level 0. Florent Hivert, Anne Schilling, Nicolas M. Thiéry. Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series A 116 (2009) 844-863. math.RT (math.CO).
26.   arXiv:0804.1379 A Fredholm Determinant Representation in ASEP. Craig A. Tracy, Harold Widom. Journal of Statistical Physics 132 (2008), 291-300.. math.PR (physics.math-ph).
27.   arXiv:0804.1380 A bijection on core partitions and a parabolic quotient of the affine symmetric group. Chris Berg, Brant Jones, Monica Vazirani. math.CO.
28.   arXiv:0803.2257 High-Resolution Radar via Compressed Sensing. Matthew A. Herman, Thomas Strohmer. math.NA (cs.IT).
29.   arXiv:0802.2145 Stabilization of Heegaard splittings. Joel Hass, Abigail Thompson, William Thurston. math.GT (math.DG).
30.   arXiv:0802.0339 Improved mixing time bounds for the Thorp shuffle and L-reversal chain. Ben Morris. math.PR.
31.   arXiv:0801.3788 Hilbert's Nullstellensatz and an Algorithm for Proving Combinatorial Infeasibility. J. A. De Loera, J. Lee, P. Malkin, S. Margulies. math.CO (math.OC).