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UC Davis Mathematics arXiv Preprints


1.   arXiv:1012.4497 Products of Independent Non-Hermitian Random Matrices. Sean O'Rourke, Alexander Soshnikov. math.PR (physics.math-ph).
2.   arXiv:1012.2416 A note on Hecke patterns in Category O. Rahbar Virk. math.RT.
3.   arXiv:1012.1924 A remark on some bases in the Hecke algebra. Rahbar Virk. math.CO (math.RT).
4.   arXiv:1012.0356 The Past and the Future in the Present. James P. Crutchfield, Christopher J. Ellison. nlin.CD (cs.IT math.DS math.ST stat.TH).
5.   arXiv:1011.6616 Asymptotics for the Covariance of the Airy_2 process. Gregory Shinault, Craig A. Tracy. J. Statistical Physics 143 (2011), 60-71. math.PR (nlin.SI physics.math-ph).
6.   arXiv:1011.6002 Intermediate Sums on Polyhedra: Computation and Real Ehrhart Theory. Velleda Baldoni, Nicole Berline, Matthias Köppe, Michèle Vergne. math.CO (cs.CG).
7.   arXiv:1011.4969 Learning in A Changing World: Restless Multi-Armed Bandit with Unknown Dynamics. Haoyang Liu, Keqin Liu, Qing Zhao. math.OC (cs.LG math.PR).
8.   arXiv:1011.4731 Homology of Lie algebra of supersymmetries. Michael Movshev, Albert Schwarz, Renjun Xu. physics.hep-th (math.RA physics.math-ph).
9.   arXiv:1011.2841 Transition Probabilities of the Bethe Ansatz Solvable Interacting Particle Systems. Eunghyun Lee. physics.math-ph (math.PR physics.stat-mech).
10.   arXiv:1011.1602 Computation of the highest coefficients of weighted Ehrhart quasi-polynomials of rational polyhedra. Velleda Baldoni, Nicole Berline, Jesús A. De Loera, Matthias Köppe, Michèle Vergne. math.CO (cs.CG).
11.   arXiv:1011.1581 Asymptotic Synchronization for Finite-State Sources. Nicholas F. Travers, James P. Crutchfield. nlin.CD (cs.IT math.DS stat.ML).
12.   arXiv:1011.1110 Mask formulas for cograssmannian Kazhdan-Lusztig polynomials. Brant Jones, Alexander Woo. math.CO.
13.   arXiv:1011.0997 Performance Analysis of Spectral Clustering on Compressed, Incomplete and Inaccurate Measurements. Blake Hunter, Thomas Strohmer. math.NA (cs.CV math.FA stat.ML).
14.   arXiv:1011.0036 Enumerating Finitary Processes. B. D. Johnson, J. P. Crutchfield, C. J. Ellison, C. S. McTague. cs.FL (math.CO math.DS math.ST nlin.CD stat.TH).
15.   arXiv:1010.6286 Embeddings of right-angled Artin groups. Travis Scrimshaw. math.GR (math.AT).
16.   arXiv:1010.5545 Many Roads to Synchrony: Natural Time Scales and Their Algorithms. Ryan G. James, John R. Mahoney, Christopher J. Ellison, James P. Crutchfield. nlin.CD (cs.FL cs.IT math.DS).
17.   arXiv:1010.3455 On the representation theory of finite J-trivial monoids. Tom Denton, Florent Hivert, Anne Schilling, Nicolas M. Thiéry. Seminaire Lotharingien de Combinatoire, B64d (2011), 44 pp. math.RT (math.CO).
18.   arXiv:1009.4168 On Rayleigh-Type Formulas for a Non-local Boundary Value Problem Associated with an Integral Operator Commuting with the Laplacian. Lotfi Hermi, Naoki Saito. math.SP (math.NA).
19.   arXiv:1009.3105 Maxwell-Lorentz Dynamics of Rigid Charges. G. Bauer, D. -A. Deckert, D. Dürr. physics.math-ph (math.AP physics.hep-th).
20.   arXiv:1009.3103 On the Existence of Dynamics of Wheeler-Feynman Electromagnetism. G. Bauer, D. -A. Deckert, D. Dürr. physics.math-ph (math.AP math.DS physics.hep-th).
21.   arXiv:1009.2135 Topological recursion for the Poincare polynomial of the combinatorial moduli space of curves. Motohico Mulase, Michael Penkava. math.AG (math.CO math.NT physics.math-ph).
22.   arXiv:1009.2055 The Kontsevich constants for the volume of the moduli of curves and topological recursion. Kevin M. Chapman, Motohico Mulase, Brad Safnuk. math.AG (math.CO math.SG physics.math-ph).
23.   arXiv:1009.1863 On ASEP with Periodic Step Bernoulli Initial Condition. Craig A. Tracy, Harold Widom. Journal of Mathematical Physics 52, 023303 (2011). math.PR (physics.math-ph).
24.   arXiv:1008.5218 Perturbation bounds of eigenvalues of Hermitian matrices with block structures. Yuji Nakatsukasa. math.NA.
25.   arXiv:1008.5216 Linked Hom spaces. Brian Osserman. math.AG.
26.   arXiv:1008.4182 Exact Synchronization for Finite-State Sources. Nicholas F. Travers, James P. Crutchfield. nlin.CD (cs.IT math.DS stat.ML).
27.   arXiv:1008.3677 Pure-cycle Hurwitz factorizations and multi-noded rooted trees. Rosena R. X. Du, Fu Liu. math.CO (math.AG).
28.   arXiv:1008.3560 All the lowest order PDE for spectral gaps of Gaussian matrices. Igor Rumanov. physics.math-ph.
29.   arXiv:1008.3146 Exact Localization and Superresolution with Noisy Data and Random Illumination. Albert Fannjiang. cs.IT (math.PR physics.data-an physics.optics).
30.   arXiv:1008.2401 A Combinatorial Formula for Orthogonal Idempotents in the $0$-Hecke Algebra of the Symmetric Group. Tom Denton. math.RT (math.QA).
31.   arXiv:1008.1773 Stability inequalities and universal Schubert calculus of rank 2. Arkady Berenstein, Michael Kapovich. math.GR (math.MG math.RT).
32.   arXiv:1008.1202 Gerschgorin's theorem for generalized eigenvalue problems in the Euclidean metric. Yuji Nakatsukasa. math.NA.
33.   arXiv:1008.1201 On the condition numbers of a multiple generalized eigenvalue. Yuji Nakatsukasa. math.NA.
34.   arXiv:1008.1185 Quadratic perturbation bounds for generalized eigenvalue problems. Yuji Nakatsukasa. math.NA.
35.   arXiv:1008.1037 Deformations of permutation representations of Coxeter groups. Eric M. Rains, Monica J. Vazirani. math.CO (math.RT).
36.   arXiv:1007.5354 Synchronization and Control in Intrinsic and Designed Computation: An Information-Theoretic Analysis of Competing Models of Stochastic Computation. James P. Crutchfield, Christopher J. Ellison, Ryan G. James, John R. Mahoney. physics.stat-mech (cs.IT nlin.CD stat.ML).
37.   arXiv:1007.3793 Various equations for gap probabilities of coupled Gaussian matrices. Igor Rumanov. J. Phys. A: Math. Theor. 44 (2011) 145204. physics.math-ph.
38.   arXiv:1007.1724 Gravity, Two Times, Tractors, Weyl Invariance and Six Dimensional Quantum Mechanics. Roberto Bonezzi, Emanuele Latini, Andrew Waldron. physics.hep-th (math.DG physics.gr-qc).
39.   arXiv:1006.4895 On the complexity of nonlinear mixed-integer optimization. Matthias Köppe. math.OC.
40.   arXiv:1006.4661 A new Lenstra-type Algorithm for Quasiconvex Polynomial Integer Minimization with Complexity 2^O(n log n). Robert Hildebrand, Matthias Köppe. math.OC (cs.DS).
41.   arXiv:1006.2416 Geometric Combinatorics of Transportation Polytopes and the Behavior of the Simplex Method. Edward D. Kim. math.CO.
42.   arXiv:1006.1678 The MUSIC Algorithm for Sparse Objects: A Compressed Sensing Analysis. Albert C. Fannjiang. cs.IT (math.AP physics.data-an).
43.   arXiv:1006.0999 Derived equivalences and sl_2-categorifications for U_q(gl_n). Rahbar Virk. math.RT (math.QA).
44.   arXiv:1006.0519 Probability that a chromosome is lost without trace under the neutral Wright-Fisher model with recombination. Badri Padhukasahasram. Methodology and Computing in Applied Probability, Online First, 11 May 2012. q-bio.PE (math.PR q-bio.GN).
45.   arXiv:1005.4146 Robust permanence for interacting structured populations. Josef Hofbauer, Sebastian J. Schreiber. Journal of Differential Equations, 248, 1955-1971 (2010). q-bio.PE (math.DS).
46.   arXiv:1005.4135 Non-coherence of arithmetic hyperbolic lattices. Michael Kapovich. math.GR (math.GT).
47.   arXiv:1005.3585 Equality of symmetrized tensors and the coordinate ring of the flag variety. Andrew Berget. math.CO.
48.   arXiv:1005.2580 Persistence in fluctuating environments. Sebastian J. Schreiber, Michel Benaïm, Kolawolé A. S. Atchadé. S.J. Schreiber, M. Benaim, and K. A. S. Atchade. 2011. Persistence in fluctuating environments. Journal of Mathematical Biology 62:655-683. q-bio.PE (math.DS math.PR).
49.   arXiv:1005.0554 Parallel adaptation: One or many waves of advance of an advantageous allele?. Peter Ralph, Graham Coop. Genetics October 2010 vol. 186 no. 2 647-668. q-bio.PE (math.PR).
50.   arXiv:1005.0448 Brill-Noether loci with fixed determinant in rank 2. Brian Osserman. math.AG.
51.   arXiv:1004.4386 Error Control of Iterative Linear Solvers for Integrated Groundwater Models. Matthew Dixon, Zhaojun Bai, Charles Brush, Francis Chung, Emin Dogrul, Tariq Kadir. math.NA.
52.   arXiv:1004.2519 Robust State Space Filtering under Incremental Model Perturbations Subject to a Relative Entropy Tolerance. Bernard C. Levy, Ramine Nikoukhah. math.OC (cs.IT cs.SY).
53.   arXiv:1004.2086 Lieb-Robinson Bounds in Quantum Many-Body Physics. Bruno Nachtergaele, Robert Sims. "Entropy and the Quantum", Robert Sims and Daniel Ueltschi (Eds), Contemporary Mathematics, volume 529, American Mathematical Society (2010) pp 141-176. physics.math-ph (physics.quant-ph physics.str-el).
54.   arXiv:1004.1470 Distribution of a particle's position in the ASEP with the {alternating} initial condition. Eunghyun Lee. J Stat Phys (2010) 140: 635-647. physics.math-ph (math.PR physics.stat-mech).
55.   arXiv:1004.1184 Circulant Arrays on Cyclic Subgroups of Finite Fields: Rank Analysis and Construction of Quasi-Cyclic LDPC Codes. Li Zhang, Shu Lin, Khaled Abdel-Ghaffar, Zhi Ding, Bo Zhou. cs.IT.
56.   arXiv:1004.0747 Constructions for cyclic sieving phenomena. Andrew Berget, Sen-Peng Eu, Victor Reiner. SIAM J. Discrete Math., 25(3), 1297-1314. (18 pages), 2011. math.CO.
57.   arXiv:1003.4721 Well-posedness in smooth function spaces for the moving-boundary 3-D compressible Euler equations in physical vacuum. Daniel Coutand, Steve Shkoller. math.AP.
58.   arXiv:1003.3431 Formulas for Joint Probabilities for the Asymmetric Simple Exclusion Process. Craig A. Tracy, Harold Widom. Journal of Mathematical Physics 51, 063302 (2010). math.PR (physics.math-ph).
59.   arXiv:1003.2728 Promotion and evacuation on standard Young tableaux of rectangle and staircase shape. Steven Pon, Qiang Wang. math.CO.
60.   arXiv:1003.2234 Quaternionic Kaehler Detour Complexes & N=2 Supersymmetric Black Holes. David Cherney, Emanuele Latini, Andrew Waldron. physics.hep-th (math.AG math.DG physics.gr-qc).
61.   arXiv:1003.0534 Unit Invariance as a Unifying Principle of Physics. Abrar Shaukat. physics.math-ph (physics.gr-qc physics.hep-th).
62.   arXiv:1003.0261 Covariate adjusted functional principal components analysis for longitudinal data. Ci-Ren Jiang, Jane-Ling Wang. IMS-AOS-AOS742. Annals of Statistics 2010, Vol. 38, No. 2, 1194-1226. math.ST (stat.TH).
63.   arXiv:1001.5232 The Exchange Value Embedded In A Transport System. Qinglan Xia, Shaofeng Xu. Applied Mathematics and Optimization. Vol. 62, Issue 2 (2010), 229 - 252. math.OC (math.CO).
64.   arXiv:1001.4766 Formulas for ASEP with Two-Sided Bernoulli Initial Condition. Craig A. Tracy, Harold Widom. Journal of Statistical Physics 140 (2010) 619-634. math.PR (physics.math-ph).
65.   arXiv:1001.4145 Challenging computations of Hilbert bases of cones associated with algebraic statistics. Winfried Bruns, Raymond Hemmecke, Bogdan Ichim, Matthias Koeppe, Christof Soeger. math.CO (math.AC).
66.   arXiv:1001.1007 Emergence of a Giant Component in Random Site Subgraphs of a d-Dimensional Hamming Torus. David Sivakoff. math.PR.