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UC Davis Mathematics arXiv Preprints


1.   arXiv:1212.6285 Delay Equations of the Wheeler-Feynman Type. D. -A. Deckert, D. Dürr, N. Vona. physics.math-ph (math.DS physics.hep-th).
2.   arXiv:1212.3718 Product vacua with boundary states and the classification of gapped phases. Sven Bachmann, Bruno Nachtergaele. physics.math-ph (physics.quant-ph physics.stat-mech).
3.   arXiv:1212.1422 Global stability and decay for the classical Stefan problem. Mahir Hadžić, Steve Shkoller. math.AP.
4.   arXiv:1211.6181 Exponential Bounds for Convergence of Entropy Rate Approximations and Rate of Memory Loss in Hidden Markov Models Satisfying a Path-Mergeability Condition. Nicholas F. Travers. math.PR (cs.IT).
5.   arXiv:1211.5870 Super-Resolution by Compressive Sensing Algorithms. A. Fannjiang, W. Liao. cs.IT (physics.optics).
6.   arXiv:1211.5392 An approximate treatment of gravitational collapse. Yago Ascasibar, Rafael Granero-Belinchón, José Manuel Moreno. math.AP (physics.ACO, physics.AIM).
7.   arXiv:1211.5018 Single and multiple index functional regression models with nonparametric link. Dong Chen, Peter Hall, Hans-Georg Müller. IMS-AOS-AOS882. Annals of Statistics 2011, Vol. 39, No. 3, 1720-1747. math.ST (stat.TH).
8.   arXiv:1211.2630 Empirical dynamics for longitudinal data. Hans-Georg Müller, Fang Yao. IMS-AOS-AOS786. Annals of Statistics 2010, Vol. 38, No. 6, 3458-3486. math.ST (stat.TH).
9.   arXiv:1211.2042 A uniform model for Kirillov-Reshetikhin crystals I: Lifting the parabolic quantum Bruhat graph. Cristian Lenart, Satoshi Naito, Daisuke Sagaki, Anne Schilling, Mark Shimozono. math.QA (math.RT).
10.   arXiv:1210.6732 Equivariant Perturbation in Gomory and Johnson's Infinite Group Problem. II. The Unimodular Two-Dimensional Case. Amitabh Basu, Robert Hildebrand, Matthias Koeppe. math.OC (math.CO).
11.   arXiv:1210.6730 Measure What Should be Measured: Progress and Challenges in Compressive Sensing. Thomas Strohmer. cs.IT.
12.   arXiv:1210.2106 The Laplace transform, mirror symmetry, and the topological recursion of Eynard-Orantin. Motohico Mulase. math.QA (physics.math-ph).
13.   arXiv:1210.0253 Effective Dynamics of a Tracer Particle Interacting with an Ideal Bose Gas. D. -A. Deckert, J. Fröhlich, P. Pickl, A. Pizzo. physics.math-ph (physics.quant-ph).
14.   arXiv:1210.0056 Convergence and Applications of a Gossip-based Gauss-Newton Algorithm. Xiao Li, Anna Scaglione. math.NA (cs.DC math.OC).
15.   arXiv:1209.3804 Compressive Link Acquisition in Multiuser Communications. Xiao Li, Andrea Rueetschi, Anna Scaglione, Yonina C. Eldar. cs.IT.
16.   arXiv:1209.0102 Meunier Conjecture. Eric Babson. math.CO.
17.   arXiv:1208.6213 Global existence and decay for solutions of the Hele-Shaw flow with injection. C. H. Arthur Cheng, Daniel Coutand, Steve Shkoller. math.AP.
18.   arXiv:1208.5357 Two Speed TASEP with Step Initial Condition. Jen Keng OYoung. physics.math-ph.
19.   arXiv:1208.5263 On ground state phases of quantum spin systems. Sven Bachmann. physics.math-ph (physics.stat-mech).
20.   arXiv:1208.5235 Dull cut off for circulants. Aaron Abrams, Eric Babson, Henry Landau, Zeph Landau, James Pommersheim. math.PR.
21.   arXiv:1208.2726 Well-posedness of the free-boundary compressible 3-D Euler equations with surface tension and the zero surface tension limit. Daniel Coutand, Jason Hole, Steve Shkoller. math.AP.
22.   arXiv:1208.2705 Quantum harmonic oscillator systems with disorder. Bruno Nachtergaele, Robert Sims, Günter Stolz. ESI preprint series No. 2383. J. Stat. Phys. 149, 969--1012 (2012). physics.math-ph (math.SP physics.quant-ph).
23.   arXiv:1208.2646 Ultraviolet Properties of the Spinless, One-Particle Yukawa Model. D. -A. Deckert, A. Pizzo. physics.math-ph (physics.hep-th).
24.   arXiv:1208.1307 Partial Masslessness and Conformal Gravity. S. Deser, E. Joung, A. Waldron. CALT 68-2877; BRX-TH-658. physics.hep-th (math.DG physics.gr-qc).
25.   arXiv:1208.0568 What is an Almost Normal Surface. Joel Hass. math.GT (math.DG).
26.   arXiv:1207.6850 The Lecture Hall Parallelepiped. Fu Liu, Richard P. Stanley. math.CO.
27.   arXiv:1207.5028 Fundamental Groups of Random Clique Complexes. Eric Babson. math.CO (math.GR).
28.   arXiv:1207.5022 Random Walks and Mixed Volumes of Hypersimplices. Eric Babson, Einar Steingrimsson. math.CO.
29.   arXiv:1207.1927 Jigsaw percolation: What social networks can collaboratively solve a puzzle?. Charles D. Brummitt, Shirshendu Chatterjee, Partha S. Dey, David Sivakoff. math.PR (cs.SI physics.dis-nn physics.soc-ph).
30.   arXiv:1207.1149 Graver basis and proximity techniques for block-structured separable convex integer minimization problems. Raymond Hemmecke, Matthias Köppe, Robert Weismantel. math.OC.
31.   arXiv:1207.0786 A combinatorial formula for fusion coefficient. Jennifer Morse, Anne Schilling. DMTCS proc AR (2012) 735-744. math.CO (math.QA).
32.   arXiv:1207.0530 Weierstrass cycles in moduli spaces and the Krichever map. Jia-Ming (Frank), Liou, Albert Schwarz. math.AG (math.AT).
33.   arXiv:1207.0485 Spatial heterogeneity promotes coexistence of rock-paper-scissor metacommunities. Sebastian J. Schreiber, Timothy P. Killingback. q-bio.PE (math.DS nlin.AO).
34.   arXiv:1206.6169 Non-equilibrium states of a photon cavity pumped by an atomic beam. Bruno Nachtergaele, Anna Vershynina, Valentin A. Zagrebnov. physics.math-ph (physics.quant-ph).
35.   arXiv:1206.6143 Obstructions to weak decomposability for simplicial polytopes. Nicolai Hähnle, Steven Klee, Vincent Pilaud. math.CO.
36.   arXiv:1206.2079 Equivariant Perturbation in Gomory and Johnson's Infinite Group Problem. Amitabh Basu, Robert Hildebrand, Matthias Koeppe. math.OC.
37.   arXiv:1206.0316 An Inhomogeneous Multispecies TASEP on a Ring. Arvind Ayyer, Svante Linusson. math.PR (math.CO physics.math-ph physics.stat-mech).
38.   arXiv:1205.7074 Combinatorial Markov chains on linear extensions. Arvind Ayyer, Steven Klee, Anne Schilling. math.CO (cs.DS math.PR).
39.   arXiv:1205.6040 Nonlinear manifold representations for functional data. Dong Chen, Hans-Georg Müller. IMS-AOS-AOS936. Annals of Statistics 2012, Vol. 40, No. 1, 1-29. math.ST (stat.TH).
40.   arXiv:1205.4054 The Bose Gas and Asymmetric Simple Exclusion Process on the Half-Line. Craig A. Tracy, Harold Widom. J. Statistical Physics (2013) 150:1-12. math.PR (physics.math-ph).
41.   arXiv:1205.3928 A quantum algorithm for the quantum Schur-Weyl transform. Sonya Berg. physics.quant-ph (math.QA).
42.   arXiv:1205.3834 TV-min and Greedy Pursuit for Constrained Joint Sparsity and Application to Inverse Scattering. Albert Fannjiang. math.OC.
43.   arXiv:1205.3489 Poincare-Einstein Holography for Forms via Conformal Geometry in the Bulk. Emanuele Latini, A. Rod Gover, Andrew Waldron. math.DG (math.AP physics.gr-qc physics.hep-th).
44.   arXiv:1204.2872 A Central Limit Theorem for Repeating Patterns. Aaron Abrams, Eric Babson, Henry Landau, Zeph Landau, James Pommersheim. math.CO (math.PR).
45.   arXiv:1204.2031 On Chubanov's method for Linear Programming. Amitabh Basu, Jesus De Loera, Mark Junod. math.OC (cs.DS).
46.   arXiv:1204.0823 Disordered quantum wires: microscopic origins of the DMPK theory and Ohm's law. Sven Bachmann, Maximilian Butz, Wojciech De Roeck. physics.math-ph (physics.quant-ph).
47.   arXiv:1203.5130 On Finite Rank Deformations of Wigner Matrices II: Delocalized Perturbations. David Renfrew, Alexander Soshnikov. math.PR.
48.   arXiv:1203.4019 Topological and physical knot theory are distinct. Alexander Coward, Joel Hass. math.GT (math.DG).
49.   arXiv:1203.2690 Analysis of Sparse MIMO Radar. Thomas Strohmer, Benjamin Friedlander. cs.IT (math.NA).
50.   arXiv:1203.2087 On image segmentation using information theoretic criteria. Alexander Aue, Thomas C. M. Lee. IMS-AOS-AOS925. Annals of Statistics 2011, Vol. 39, No. 6, 2912-2935. math.ST (stat.TH).
51.   arXiv:1203.1676 Not all simplicial polytopes are weakly vertex-decomposable. Jesus A. De Loera, Steven Klee. math.CO (math.OC).
52.   arXiv:1203.0967 Minimax bounds for sparse PCA with noisy high-dimensional data. Aharon Birnbaum, Iain M. Johnstone, Boaz Nadler, Debashis Paul. math.ST (stat.TH).
53.   arXiv:1203.0815 Perturbation of transportation polytopes. Fu Liu. math.CO.
54.   arXiv:1202.5341 Efficient adaptive integration of functions with sharp gradients and cusps in n-dimensional parallelepipeds. S. E. Mousavi, J. E. Pask, N. Sukumar. math.NA.
55.   arXiv:1202.3651 New enumeration formulas for alternating sign matrices and square ice partition functions. Arvind Ayyer, Dan Romik. math.CO (math.PR physics.math-ph physics.stat-mech).
56.   arXiv:1202.3192 From Packet to Power Switching: Digital Direct Load Scheduling. Mahnoosh Alizadeh, Anna Scaglione, Robert J. Thomas. math.OC (cs.NI).
57.   arXiv:1202.1242 Augmented sparse principal component analysis for high dimensional data. Debashis Paul, Iain M. Johnstone. math.ST (stat.ME stat.TH).
58.   arXiv:1202.1159 The spectral curve of the Eynard-Orantin recursion via the Laplace transform. Olivia Dumitrescu, Motohico Mulase, Brad Safnuk, Adam Sorkin. math.AG (math.CO physics.math-ph).
59.   arXiv:1202.0702 Low-Density Arrays of Circulant Matrices: Rank and Row-Redundancy Analysis, and Quasi-Cyclic LDPC Codes. Qin Huang, Keke Liu, Zulin Wang. cs.IT.
60.   arXiv:1201.4919 On the finite-time splash and splat singularities for the 3-D free-surface Euler equations. Daniel Coutand, Steve Shkoller. math.AP (physics.math-ph).
61.   arXiv:1201.3943 Semigroup Identities, Proofs, and Artificial Intelligence. Sherman Stein. math.CO.
62.   arXiv:1201.3129 Dirichlet fundamental domains and complex-projective varieties. Michael Kapovich. math.AG (math.GR math.GT).