UC Davis Mathematics

UC Davis Mathematics arXiv Preprints


1.   arXiv:1612.01441 Solving deterministic and stochastic equilibrium problems via augmented Walrasian. Julio Deride, Alejandro Jofré, Roger J-B Wets. math.OC.
2.   arXiv:1612.00154 Representable Chow classes of a product of projective spaces. Federico Castillo, Binglin Li, Naizhen Zhang. math.AG (math.CO).
3.   arXiv:1611.08345 Renormalized Volumes with Boundary. A. Rod Gover, Andrew Waldron. math.DG (physics.gr-qc physics.hep-th).
4.   arXiv:1611.06626 On the notions of facets, weak facets, and extreme functions of the Gomory-Johnson infinite group problem. Matthias Köppe, Yuan Zhou. Proc. IPCO 2017, LNCS 10328, pp. 330--342. math.OC.
5.   arXiv:1611.05917 Maximum a Posteriori Estimators as a Limit of Bayes Estimators. Robert Bassett, Julio Deride. math.ST (math.OC stat.TH).
6.   arXiv:1611.07869 Characterization of ${\cal B}(\infty)$ using marginally large tableaux and rigged configurations in the $A_n$ case via integer sequences. Roger Tian. math.CO.
7.   arXiv:1611.04196 Self-Calibration and Bilinear Inverse Problems via Linear Least Squares. Shuyang Ling, Thomas Strohmer. cs.IT.
8.   arXiv:1611.04055 A Calculus for Conformal Hypersurfaces and new higher Willmore energy functionals. A. Rod Gover, Andrew Waldron. math.DG (physics.gr-qc physics.hep-th).
9.   arXiv:1611.01099 Informational and Causal Architecture of Continuous-time Renewal and Hidden Semi-Markov Processes. Sarah E. Marzen, James P. Crutchfield. physics.stat-mech (cs.IT math.ST nlin.CD stat.TH).
10.   arXiv:1610.07685 The Markov Memory for Generating Rare Events. C. Aghamohammadi, J. P. Crutchfield. physics.stat-mech (cs.CC cs.IT nlin.CD).
11.   arXiv:1610.04571 Khovanov's Heisenberg category, moments in free probability, and shifted symmetric functions. Henry Kvinge, Anthony M. Licata, Stuart Mitchell. math.RT (math.CO math.RA).
12.   arXiv:1610.02153 Distribution of singular values of random band matrices; Marchenko-Pastur law and more. Indrajit Jana, Alexander Soshnikov. math.PR.
13.   arXiv:1610.01941 Schwinger-Keldysh formalism II: Thermal equivariant cohomology. Felix M. Haehl, R. Loganayagam, Mukund Rangamani. physics.hep-th (physics.math-ph physics.stat-mech).
14.   arXiv:1610.01940 Schwinger-Keldysh formalism I: BRST symmetries and superspace. Felix M. Haehl, R. Loganayagam, Mukund Rangamani. physics.hep-th (physics.math-ph physics.stat-mech).
15.   arXiv:1609.08882 Piecewise quantile autoregressive modeling for nonstationary time series. Alexander Aue, Rex C. Y. Cheung, Thomas C. M. Lee, Ming Zhong. IMS-BEJ-BEJ671. Bernoulli 2017, Vol. 23, No. 1, 1-22. math.ST (stat.TH).
16.   arXiv:1609.07202 Neighborhood growth dynamics on the Hamming plane. Janko Gravner, David Sivakoff, Erik Slivken. math.CO (math.PR).
17.   arXiv:1609.07182 An Enumeration of the Supercharacter Theories of $C_p \times C_2 \times C_2$ for Prime $p$. Alexander Lang. math.RT (math.GR).
18.   arXiv:1609.05353 Leveraging Environmental Correlations: The Thermodynamics of Requisite Variety. Alexander B. Boyd, Dibyendu Mandal, James P. Crutchfield. physics.stat-mech (cs.IT cs.LG math.DS nlin.AO).
19.   arXiv:1609.04982 Equivariant Perturbation in Gomory and Johnson's Infinite Group Problem. V. Software for the continuous and discontinuous 1-row case. Chun Yu Hong, Matthias Köppe, Yuan Zhou. math.OC.
20.   arXiv:1609.04406 Vortices and Vermas. Mathew Bullimore, Tudor Dimofte, Davide Gaiotto, Justin Hilburn, Hee-Cheol Kim. physics.hep-th (math.AG math.QA math.RT).
21.   arXiv:1609.03650 Extreme Quantum Advantage when Simulating Strongly Coupled Classical Systems. C. Aghamohammadi, J. R. Mahoney, J. P. Crutchfield. physics.quant-ph (cs.CC cs.IT physics.stat-mech).
22.   arXiv:1609.02519 Not All Fluctuations are Created Equal: Spontaneous Variations in Thermodynamic Function. James P. Crutchfield, Cina Aghamohammadi. physics.stat-mech (cs.IT math.ST q-bio.BM q-bio.PE stat.TH).
23.   arXiv:1609.01233 Multivariate Dependence Beyond Shannon Information. Ryan G. James, James P. Crutchfield. cs.IT (math.ST physics.stat-mech stat.ML stat.TH).
24.   arXiv:1609.00409 Spanier-Whitehead K-duality for $C^*$-algebras. Jerome Kaminker, Claude L. Schochet. math.OA (math.AT).
25.   arXiv:1608.08314 Evolution of natal dispersal in spatially heterogenous environments. Robert Stephen Cantrell, Chris Cosner, Yuan Lou, Sebastian J. Schreiber. q-bio.PE (math.DS).
26.   arXiv:1608.04449 The complete set of infinite volume ground states for Kitaev's abelian quantum double models. Matthew Cha, Pieter Naaijkens, Bruno Nachtergaele. physics.math-ph (physics.quant-ph).
27.   arXiv:1608.02961 Perturbative and nonperturbative aspects of complex Chern-Simons Theory. Tudor Dimofte. physics.hep-th (physics.math-ph).
30.   arXiv:1608.02618 Jones index, secret sharing and total quantum dimension. Leander Fiedler, Pieter Naaijkens, Tobias J. Osborne. New J. Phys. 19 023039 (2017). physics.quant-ph (physics.math-ph).
31.   arXiv:1607.08742 Fixed points of 321-avoiding permutations. Christopher Hoffman, Douglas Rizzolo, Erik Slivken. math.CO (math.PR).
32.   arXiv:1607.07484 Phase Retrieval by Linear Algebra. P. Chen, A. Fannjiang, G. Liu. cs.IT.
33.   arXiv:1607.06526 Beyond the Spectral Theorem: Spectrally Decomposing Arbitrary Functions of Nondiagonalizable Operators. Paul M. Riechers, James P. Crutchfield. physics.math-ph (math.SP nlin.CD physics.quant-ph physics.stat-mech).
34.   arXiv:1607.03802 Continuous-time Marginal Pricing of Power Trajectories in Power Systems. Anna Scaglione. math.OC.
35.   arXiv:1607.02522 Log-Concave Duality in Estimation and Control. Robert Bassett, Michael Casey, Roger J-B Wets. math.OC.
36.   arXiv:1607.01827 Compressive Spectral Estimation with Single-Snapshot ESPRIT: Stability and Resolution. Albert Fannjiang. cs.IT.
37.   arXiv:1607.00743 A Residual Bootstrap for High-Dimensional Regression with Near Low-Rank Designs. Miles E. Lopes. math.ST (stat.ME stat.ML stat.TH).
38.   arXiv:1606.08506 Correlation-powered Information Engines and the Thermodynamics of Self-Correction. Alexander B. Boyd, Dibyendu Mandal, James P. Crutchfield. Phys. Rev. E 95, 012152 (2017). physics.stat-mech (cs.IT math.DS nlin.CD physics.bio-ph).
39.   arXiv:1606.08111 Differential equations and exact solutions in the moving sofa problem. Dan Romik. math.DG (math.CA math.OC).
40.   arXiv:1606.04933 Rapid, Robust, and Reliable Blind Deconvolution via Nonconvex Optimization. Xiaodong Li, Shuyang Ling, Thomas Strohmer, Ke Wei. cs.IT.
41.   arXiv:1606.04455 A Generalization of Lifting Non-proper Tropical Intersections. Xiang He. math.AG.
42.   arXiv:1606.01567 Fast and Provable Algorithms for Spectrally Sparse Signal Reconstruction via Low-Rank Hankel Matrix Completion. Jian-Feng Cai, Tianming Wang, Ke Wei. cs.IT.
43.   arXiv:1605.04983 Decomposition Methods for Nonlinear Optimization and Data Mining. Brandon Dutra. math.CO.
44.   arXiv:1605.04259 A model for Rayleigh-Taylor mixing and interface turn-over. Rafael Granero-Belinchón, Steve Shkoller. math.AP.
45.   arXiv:1605.03975 Equivariant Perturbation in Gomory and Johnson's Infinite Group Problem. VI. The curious case of two-sided discontinuous minimal valid functions. Matthias Köppe, Yuan Zhou. math.OC.
46.   arXiv:1605.03707 Optimal Bayes Classifiers for Functional Data and Density Ratios. Xiongtao Dai, Hans-Georg Müller, Fang Yao. math.ST (stat.ME stat.TH).
47.   arXiv:1605.01418 A Sampling Kaczmarz-Motzkin Algorithm for Linear Feasibility. Jesus De Loera, Jamie Haddock, Deanna Needell. math.OC.
48.   arXiv:1605.00197 Software for cut-generating functions in the Gomory--Johnson model and beyond. Chun Yu Hong, Matthias Köppe, Yuan Zhou. Mathematical Software - ICMS 2016, Proceedings, pp. 284-291. math.OC.
49.   arXiv:1604.05399 Contingency-Constrained Unit Commitment With Intervening Time for System Adjustments. Zhaomiao Guo, Richard Li-Yang Chen, Neng Fan, Jean-Paul Watson. math.OC.
50.   arXiv:1604.04902 Dehn surgery on complicated fibered knots in the 3-sphere. Abigail Thompson. math.GT.
51.   arXiv:1604.03649 Toward computer-assisted discovery and automated proofs of cutting plane theorems. Matthias Köppe, Yuan Zhou. Combinatorial Optimization: 4th International Symposium, ISCO 2016, pp. 332-344. math.OC.
52.   arXiv:1604.02768 Isoperimetric Regions in Nonpositively Curved Manifolds. Joel Hass. math.DG.
53.   arXiv:1604.00959 The semaphore codes attached to a Turing machine via resets and their various limits. John Rhodes, Anne Schilling, Pedro V. Silva. International Journal of Algebra and Computation 26(4) (2016) 675-704. math.GR.
54.   arXiv:1603.08154 Tori and Heegaard splittings. Abigail Thompson. math.GT.
55.   arXiv:1603.08121 Type $D_n^{(1)}$ rigged configuration bijection. Masato Okado, Reiho Sakamoto, Anne Schilling, Travis Scrimshaw. J Algebr Comb, Volume 46, Issue 2, pp 341-401 (2017). math.QA (math.CO).
56.   arXiv:1603.07367 Renormalized Volume. A. Rod Gover, Andrew Waldron. physics.hep-th (math.DG physics.gr-qc).
57.   arXiv:1603.06610 Guarantees of Riemannian Optimization for Low Rank Matrix Completion. Ke Wei, Jian-Feng Cai, Tony F. Chan, Shingyu Leung. math.NA (math.OC).
58.   arXiv:1606.04794 A Convex Relaxation Approach to Higher-Order Statistical Approaches to Signal Recovery. Huy-Dung Han, Zhi Ding, Muhammad Zia. cs.IT.
59.   arXiv:1603.03839 On a drift-diffusion system for semiconductor devices. Rafael Granero-Belinchón. math.AP.
60.   arXiv:1603.02330 Interpolation of data by smooth non-negative functions. Charles Fefferman, Arie Israel, Garving K. Luli. math.CA (math.NA math.OC).
61.   arXiv:1603.02323 Finitness Principles for Smooth Selection. Charles Fefferman, Arie Israel, Garving K. Luli. math.FA (math.CA).
62.   arXiv:1602.08646 The Ambiguity of Simplicity. Cina Aghamohammadi, John R. Mahoney, James P. Crutchfield. physics.quant-ph (cs.IT physics.stat-mech).
63.   arXiv:1602.06320 Some equations with features of digit reversal and powers. Geoffrey B. Campbell, Aleksander Zujev. math.NT.
64.   arXiv:1602.06051 Bridge number and twist equivalence of Seifert surfaces. Carson Rogers. math.GT.
65.   arXiv:1602.00344 Sparse solutions of linear Diophantine equations. Iskander Aliev, Jesus A. De Loera, Timm Oertel, Christopher O'Neill. math.OC (math.AC math.CO).
66.   arXiv:1601.04677 On the ground state energy of the delta-function Bose gas. Craig A. Tracy, Harold Widom. J. Phys. A: Math. Theor. 49 (2016) 294001. physics.math-ph.
67.   arXiv:1601.04131 Statistical Analysis of a Posteriori Channel and Noise Distribution Based on HARQ Feedback. Wenhao Wu, Hans Mittelmann, Zhi Ding. cs.IT.
68.   arXiv:1601.04118 Approximating the maximum of a polynomial over a polytope: Handelman decomposition and continuous generating functions. Jesús De Loera, Brandon Dutra, Matthias Köppe. math.OC.
69.   arXiv:1601.00712 Multistage Portfolio Optimization: A Duality Result in Conic Market Models. Robert Bassett, Khoa Le. q-fin.PM (math.OC).