Coronavirus and the Math Department

Math Department COVID-19 Building Policy

  We would like to remind you of the following:

  1. Please check the Campus Ready website for up-to-date campus recommendations before visiting.
  2. When in MSB using common areas such as the Alder room, conference rooms, computer Labs, bathrooms and the courtyard, follow campus requirements. Be mindful of others' needs and follow social distance requirements.
  3. If you are experiencing any COVID-19 related symptoms you should not be in MSB. You need to stay home. You are required to follow University protocol for reporting if you have tested positive or if you have concerns about someone in the University community having COVID-19. Click here to view the UC Davis COVID-19 reporting information. You should also inform Anne Schilling or Gladis Lopez.

The Department of Mathematics has implemented a contact tracing system effective July 25, 2020. The primary tracking method is a web attendance form. For people who are unable to use the web form, a sign-in sheet is provided in the MSB lobby. We are sharing this system with Statistics.

All people entering the MSB must use the web form or sign-in sheet to record attendance each day that they enter the building.

Link to Math Building Form:
Easier to remember short URL:

Signs with the web form URL (and QR code embedded URL) have been placed by each building entrance and by the elevators. Signs with instructions how to use QR codes with Apple and Android devices have also been posted. The required campus Symptom Survey has been linked at the end of the survey. If you are within the Departments housed in MSB, you must send the results of this survey to your supervisor. For Math, send it to .

Also a sign-in sheet placed in the MSB lobby, for those without an internet enabled mobile device.

The Web form requests the following:

  • Time and Date (determined at submission)
  • Department
  • Affiliation
  • Name
  • Comments (optional)

After consideration it was determined that for the affiliate's convenience and greater compliance we should not seek to get a time resolution greater than a day or a space resolution greater than the entire building. The form does not have any authentication or authorization for submission as this would make it less convenient and lower compliance. In theory this could be abused, but we can find no compelling motivation for such abuse.