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Summer School and Workshop: Mathematical Analysis of Water Waves and Related Models


Reimbursement: The form can be obtained at  https://www.math.ucdavis.edu/resources/forms/expense_travel/

You can complete the form, and scan it and receipts, and send the PDF to Thu Pham (tjpham@ucdavis.edu)  

Location: Bodega Marine Laboratory, Bodega Bay, CA

Date: June 5-9, 2017

Organizers: Alexandru Ionescu and Steve Shkoller

The summer school and international workshop on water waves and related models is funded by NSF grant DMS- 1700416 and UC Davis. Our objective is the formation of an annual summer school and workshop on waves and fluid dynamics for advanced undergraduate and graduate students, as well as postdoctoral scholars. This event will take place at the Bodega Marine Laboratory (BML) which is part of the University of California at Davis.

BML is a small campus, situated in the Bodega Bay coastal reserve, just feet from the ocean, and about a one-hour drive from San Francisco International Airport. It is an ideal venue for a summer school and workshop on water waves.

This summer school and workshop will be organized around five main themes related to important mathematical and numerical problems in the theory of water waves and a variety of related free-surface problems, involving the Euler and Navier-Stokes equations, the surface quasi-geostrophic equations (SQG), magnetohydrodynamics (MHD), and other related models. These themes are as follows: Initial value problems, Weak solutions and convex integration, Water waves with vorticity and complex domain geometry, Model equations, and Important applications.

We hope to provide an educational opportunity for students and postdocs who are interested in research in water waves and in PDEs arising in fluid and gas dynamics, as well as networking opportunity for students to meet with their peers with diverse background and to interact with active researchers in the field.

The summer school offers three short courses by the following speakers:

  • Thomas Alazard (ENS, France)
  • Alexander Kiselev (Rice University, USA)
  • David Lannes (Universit´e de Bordeaux, France) 
Visit the "Courses" link on the left to see the titles and abstracts for the courses.

Workshop Speakers:

  • Thomas Alazard
  • Tristan Buckmaster
  • Jean-Marc Delort
  • Francisco Gancedo
  • Rafael Granero
  • Mihaela Ifrim
  • Alexander Kiselev
  • David Lannes
  • Fabio Pusateri
  • Walter Strauss
  • Daniel Tataru
  • Vlad Vicol
  • Sijue Wu    

Workshop Students:

  • Sameer Iyer (student), Sameer@iyer@brown.edu;

    Annalaura Stingo (student), stingo@math.univ-paris13.fr;

    Daniel Lear (student), d.lear.claveras@gmail.com;

    Fan Zheng (student), fanzheng@math.princeton.edu;

    Fredrik Hildrum (student), Fredrik.hildrum@ntnu.no;

    Kristoffer Varholm (student), kristoffer.varholm@ntnu.no;

    Jingyang Shu (student), jyshu@ucdavis.edu;

    Qingtian Zhang (student), qzhang@math.ucdavis.edu;

    Eduardo Garcia Suarez (student), eduardogarcia@us.es;

    Clemens Foerster (student), Clemens.Foerster@math.uni-leipzig.de;

    Huy Nguyen (postdoc), qn@math.princeton.edu;

    Siddhant Agrawal (student), sidagr@umich.edu;

    Qingtang Su (student), qingtang@umich.edu;

    Bohan Zhou (student), bhzhou@ucdavis.edu;

    Edoardo Bocchi, (student), edoardo.bocchi@math.u-bordeaux.fr;

    Neel Patel (student), neelpa@sas.upenn.edu;

    Quyuan Lin (student), abellyn@math.tamu.edu;

    Hang Yang (student), hy18@rice.edu;

    Jay A. Roberts (student), jayroberts@math.ucsb.edu;

    Klaus Widmayer (postdoc), klaus\_widmayer@brown.edu;

    Changhui Tan (postdoc), ctan@rice.edu;

    Grace Liu (student), graceliu0511@berkeley.edu;

    Albert Ai (student), a.ai@berkeley.edu;

    Tam Do (student), Tam.Do@rice.edu;

    Yu Deng (postdoc), yudeng@cims.nyu.edu;

    Xuecheng Wang (postdoc), xuecheng\_wang@brown.edu;

    Antoine Remond-Tiedrez (student), aremondt@andrew.cmu.edu;

    Joonhyun La (student), joonhyun@math.princeton.edu;

    Fei Wang (student), wang828@usc.edu;

    Zhiyuan Zhang (postdoc), zhiyuan\_zhang1@brown.edu;

    Andrew Ma (student), andygma567@gmail.com;

    Zhilei Wang (student), zhileiwang92@gmail.com.


    Supported by NSF grant DMS- 1700416 and UC Davis.