UC Davis Mathematics

Course Equivalency Request

Please note that this form is only for math classes taken outside of the California Community College system. For classes taken at a California Community College, please use assist.org to determine if it's equivalent to a class at UC Davis.

Review the requested information below carefully and submit all information for a class at one time for timely evaluation of your transfer units.

Steps to submitting Request for Course Equivalency Evalution:

  1. Check the Math Department's Equivalency List to see if your course has already been reviewed:
    UC Davis Math Equivalency List
    • If your class was determined to be equivalent within the last 5 years, then do you do NOT need to complete the rest of this form!
    • If you don't see your class in the database, or if it's been more than 5 years since it was last evaluated, continue on to Step 2.

  2. Look at the syllabi on the UC Davis Mathematics website to determine which UC Davis class you believe to be equivalent to the class you took elsewhere:
    UC Davis Mathematics Syllabi

  3. Submit the information below for each course. Please note that you must provide complete supporting documentation. Insufficient documentation will result in a rejected equivalency.

If you need to request evaluation of multiple math classes, you must complete one equivalency request per class.

Your Information

  • * Not sure what college your major falls under? Check the list of majors by college.

Course to be Evaluated

Complete the information below for the class that you took (or plan to take) outside of UC Davis.

Supporting Documentation

You must include this information for your request to be reviewed.

Detailed Course Syllabus
Upload a detailed course syllabus for the non-UC Davis class you would like reviewed. This is usually available on the school's website somewhere.

Topic-by-Topic Comparison
Include a topic-by-topic comparison of the UC Davis MAT course and the non-UC Davis course, using the topics outlined in the syllabi for each course.

* Please note that while the classes in this example may be different than yours, the process will still be the same.

Link to More Information
Provide a link to the institution's web page with information about the course.