To satisfy the capstone requirement, choose one of the following options:

MAT 180 (Special Topics)

MAT 180 is our special topics class. Topics vary every quarter depending on who is teaching the class. A list of current and past topics can be found on the Special Topics Syllabi page.

MAT 180 is typically offered every quarter during the academic year (Fall, Winter, Spring). 

MAT 189 (Advanced Problem Solving)

MAT 189 is a project-based class. Students develop a project throughout the quarter and present it to peers and faculty throughout the quarter using written and verbal presentations. 

MAT 189 is typically offered in Spring quarter, depending on availability of an instructor.

MAT 192 (Internship in Applied Math)

Please see the MAT 192 page for more information. This option allows students to receive units for internships related to mathematics. To satisfy the capstone requirement, an internship must be approved by a faculty advisor and must be at least 90 hours. If you are considering an internship, you must follow these internship guidelines

Past internships have included internships in the areas of data analytics; finance and banking; operations research; software engineering; teaching; and more.

In addition to earning MAT 192 units, we recommend that you also request Transcript Notation through the Internship and Career Center. Transcript notation will highlight your internship on your transcript (beyond simply receiving MAT 192 units), including the internship title, organization and the quarter(s) that you participated.

MAT 194 (Undergraduate Thesis)

Please see the Undergraduate Thesis page for more information. An undergraduate thesis is typically a 2 quarter commitment.