UC Davis Mathematics

Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate Research is an great opportunity to get more involved in the Math Department while working directly with faculty to expand the bounds of existing knowledge. There are many benefits to conducting undergraduate research, including the opportunity to:

  • Explore an area of interest more deeply
  • Learn first-hand about research to determine if you would like to pursue advanced study after your bachelor's degree
  • Gain experience that is often highly valued by graduate school admissions committees
  • Present your findings at the UC Davis Undergraduate Research Conference or other symposia, and possibly co-author a published paper
  • Build relationships with faculty, which can lead to personalized letters of recommendation


Students completing undergraduate research (MAT 99/199) will receive lower/upper division credit toward graduation requirements (180 unit requirement) but will not receive credit toward their major. Every 1 unit of credit corresponds to 3 hours of work a week, or 30 hours of work per quarter. 

MAT 099: Undergraduates students who have 83 units or less completed (lower division credit)

MAT 199: Undergraduate students who have 84 units or more completed (upper division credit)


Each quarter, a list of advertised research projects (along with a link to apply to these projects) can be found on the Quarterly Research Projects webpage.


We also have research projects happening each summer. For a list of summer projects (and a link to apply to those projects, if they are currently taking new students), see the Summer Research webpage.