Summer Research Opportunities

Summer undergraduate research positions provide a unique opportunity to join an active research group in the department and work on a project. In some cases this may lead to employment as an Undergraduate Research Assistant during the Academic Year and/or the following summer.

Every year there are a limited number of paid summer research positions. Please note that if you are planning to do a senior thesis, the optimal time to start is the summer of your sophomore or junior year.



Please note that this is a dynamic list. Check back regularly to see if new research positions have been added. If you are interested in working on an area of research not represented on this list below, you are encouraged to contact faculty directly who are doing work in that area. A list of math faculty, including their research areas, is available here.

Title: Mathematical modeling projects in neurobiology and cardiac electrophysiology

Principal Investigator (PI): Prof. Tim Lewis
Description: Topics include:
  - neural and mechanical mechanisms of locomotion in "model" systems
  - autonomic (neural) regulation of cardiac activity
  - effects of pharmacological drugs on electrical activity in the heart. 
Requirements: MAT 22AB necessary; MAT 119A and/or MAT 124 highly preferred. Some experience in computer programming is required, and a willingness to learn mathematical modeling and biology is essential.  
Application Code: lewis


The application for Summer 2018 research opportunities is online here.  Please note that you will need the Application Code (from the section above) for the position(s) you are interested in. 

The deadline to apply for Summer 2018 research opportunities is May 8. Applications submitted before the deadline may be reviewed on a rolling basis.