Alex Chandler

Alex Chandler

Krener Assistant Professor

University of California, Davis

I am currently Krener Assistant Professor in the Mathematics Department at the University of California, Davis, working under the supervision of Eugene Gorsky. I was awarded my PhD in May 2019 from North Carolina State University under the advisement of Radmila Sazdanovic. My PhD thesis “On Thin Posets and Categorification” focuses on the topics of knot theory, graph theory, topological combinatorics, and categorification. Before my graduate studies at NCSU, I received degrees in math and physics at Michigan State University with concentration in combinatorics and representation theory. My current research focuses on the use of tools from the theory of sheaf cohomology for sheaves on partially ordered sets to study and compare categorified invariants of knots, graphs, and low-dimensional manifolds.


  • Machine Learning
  • Combinatorics
  • Graph Theory
  • Low Dimensional Topology (Knot Theory)


  • PhD in Mathematics, May 2019

    North Carolina State University

  • BSc in Mathematics, May 2014

    Michigan State University

  • BSc in Physics, May 2014

    Michigan State University