Adam Rose

Adam Rose

Adam Rose

Graduate Group in Applied Mathematics

University of California, Davis

MSB 3137

arose [at] math [dot] ucdavis [dot] edu


I am an applied mathematics graduate student at the University of California, Davis. I am interested in a range of topics that mostly fall under mathematical biology.

Before I moved to Davis, I went to the University of California, Santa Barbara for my BS in Mathematics. I am originally from Santa Monica, CA. As you can guess, living in California was a huge priority for me when choosing schools.

In my spare time, I like to play sports (especially football and soccer,) videogames, and watch stand-up comedy. Oh, and FLY EAGLES FLY!

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Research Interests

My research interests include mathematical biology, mathematical modeling, and dynamical systems, but my main focus lies in Mathematical Neurocardiac Electrophysiology.

My current project uses a mix of numerics, biology, and dynamical systems. I am building a model to characterize certain neuronal behaviour in the Intrinsic Cardiac Nervous System (ICNS) that has been found through experimentation. The g oal is to reproduce the distribution of firing rates, with possible future work including using this model to predict the ICNS response to differing external inputs.


As a Teaching Assistant:
Winter 2019: MAT 17B: Calculus for Biology and Medicine
Fall 2018: MAT 17A: Calculus for Biology and Medicine
Spring 2018: MAT 22B: Ordinary Differential Equations
Winter 2018: MAT 21A: Calculus
Fall 2017: MAT 17A: Calculus for Biology and Medicine
Spring 2017: MAT 17C: Calculus for Biology and Medicine
Winter 2017: MAT 17A: Calculus for Biology and Medicine
Fall 2016: MAT 16A: Short Calculus