MATH 21C FALL 2022

Lectures: in Medical Sciences Building C room 180 from 11:00 to 11:50 on MWF.
Office Hours:
Babson: 11:00 to 12:00 on Tuesdays via zoom 7150588313.
Deshmukh: 5pm to 6pm on Thursdays in the calc room.
Sections: on Tuesdays at the following times and locations by section: A01, A02, A03, A04, A05.
Text: Any calculus text, such as Thomas' Calculus: Early Transcendentals (13th edition) by Weir, Hass, Giordano.
Exams: There will be 480 pts from 3 midterms and a final with one midterm dropped and the final as half the grade or equal to one midterm- whichever is higher. Practice exams and content descriptions developed by Dr Kouba are linked below.
Grading: 0 < F < 160 < D- < 180 < D < 220 < D+ < 240 < C- < 260 < C < 300 < C+ < 320 < B- < 340 < B < 380 < B+ < 400 < A- < 420 < A < 460 < A+ < 480

Calculus Room: Math 21ABCD Calculus Room , where TAs are available to answer your questions.

You are expected to work hard and to try as many exercises as possible. This is the only way to learn mathematics. We are here to help. Please do not hesitate to come and see any of us if you have a question or problem.

Course Outline: The course covers sequences and series first and then multivariable calculus as per the syllabus. This is a rough outline of when topics will be covered and will be edited as the term progresses. The exam scheduling will not change. It is strongly suggested that you do the assigned problems. They will not be collected.

WednesdaySeptember 21sequencesHW#1: 1-35
FridaySeptember 23infinite seriesHW#1: 39-124, HW#2: 3-21, 50-59
MondaySeptember 26the integral testHW#2: 28-45, 60-92, HW#3: 1-24
WednesdaySeptember 28comparison testsHW#3: 28-58, HW#4
FridaySeptember 30ratio and root testsHW#5
MondayOctober 3alternating seriesHW#6
WednesdayOctober 5convergence review
FridayOctober 7Midterm IHW#1 - HW#6
MondayOctober 10power seriesHW#7
WednesdayOctober 12Taylor and Maclaurin seriesHW#8
FridayOctober 14Taylor series converenceHW#9
MondayOctober 17binomial seriesHW#10
WednesdayOctober 19Taylor applicationsHW#10
FridayOctober 21vectorsHW#11, HW#12
MondayOctober 24dot and cross productsHW#13, HW#14
WednesdayOctober 26reviewPractice Midterm II 1-6, 10a.
FridayOctober 28Midterm IIHW#7 - HW#14
MondayOctober 31lines and planesHW#15
WednesdayNovember 2multivariable functionsHW#16.5
FridayNovember 4limits and continuity HW#17
MondayNovember 7partial derivatives HW#18
WednesdayNovember 9the chain rule HW#19
FridayNovember 11no class
MondayNovember 14directional derivatives HW#20
WednesdayNovember 16review Practice Midterm III 1-6, 7c.
FridayNovember 18Midterm IIIHW#16.5 - HW#20
MondayNovember 21tangent planes HW#21
WednesdayNovember 23extrema and saddle points HW#22
FridayNovember 25no class
MondayNovember 28Lagrange multipliers HW#23
WednesdayNovember 30optimization review HW#24
FridayDecember 2Review
WednesdayDecember 7Final:3:30 - 5:30 HW#1 - HW#24

The following homework assignments are subject to minor changes.

Review and supplementary materials:
Click here for additional optional PRACTICE PROBLEMS with SOLUTIONS found at THE CALCULUS PAGE .
Dr Kouba's Supplementary Class Handouts ,
Basic Derivative Formulas From Math 21A and Trig Identities ,
Basic Trig Integrals and Identities From Math 21B ,
Basic Integral Formulas and
Basic Integration Techniques.

The materials for this course were designed by Dr Kouba.