Ordinary Differential Equations

Meetings: MWF 1:10-2:00PM, Room 1132 Bainer

Instructor: Joseph Biello
                  office: MSB 3150
                  email: jabiello@ucdavis.edu

Office hours: by appointment.

Teaching Assistant

Igor Rumanov igorrumanov@math.ucdavis.edu , office hours: by appointment. Near the end of quarter you should meet with him on a weekly basis for help with the project. We will post office hours later. MSB 3151

Course webpage: http://www.math.ucdavis.edu/~biello/MAT119A

Text: Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos by Steven H. Strogatz (Westview Press)


Syllabus: We will losely follow the guidelines at http://www.math.ucdavis.edu/courses/syllabi/mat119b.pdf . Many different examples of nonlinear dynamics will be considered.

Prerequisites: Math 119A

4 homeworks at 15% each and one final project worth 40%.


Matlab Codes and Interesting Links:

  • You should look at this interesting movie showing many experiments that demonstrate features of low order dynamical systems. 150 Mbytes
  • Here are the codes that integrate the Lorenz equations.
    This is the RHS of the ODE
    This is the driver routine.
    This is the plotting routine
    This is the plotting routine
    This is my Runge-Kutta Integrator
  • Here are the codes that run the Logistic Map.
    This defines the map
    This is the driver
    I can't remember what I was doing with this.


    Homework Assignments:

  • Due: April 17. For the first homework assignment I would like you to use the codes appropriate to the Lorentz equation (or your own code, if you so choose), to construct the Lorentz map as it is defined in Chapter 9 of Strogatz. I will be adding other questions to this homework in a week.