Eric Brattain-Morrin

UC Davis, Applied Mathematics, PhD Candidate, 2016
Dissertation: "The Completeness of the Bethe Ansatz for Period ASEP" Reed College, Mathematics 2009, Thesis: Computation, Entropy, and Demons
Here is my current CV

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Research Interests:

Probability, integrable systems, and stochastic PDEs. I work with Craig Tracy. Link to paper based on dissertation research will be available soon.


Here at UC Davis, I served as Director of the VIGRE Explore Math ARML Program 2012-2013. Since 2013, I have organized a volunteer-based Davis Math Circle. We also organize a math competition program that trains teams to represent Northern California at the annual ARML competition. We have a blog with more information.

I also enjoy helping out with the STEM Cafe program through the Women's Resources and Research Center.

Departmental Service

I have been heavily involved with the math graduate student group known as the Galois Group, serving as President last year.


I love teaching mathematics at all levels. I am currently applying to positions at liberal arts colleges. Instructor at UC Davis:
    Summer 2011: Math 25 Advanced Calculus (Intro to Analysis)
    Summer 2012: Math 21D Vector Analysis
    Spring 2014: Math 17B Calculus for Bio and Pre-Med
    Summer 2014: Math 125A Real Analysis
    Fall 2014: Math 17C Calculus for Bio and Pre-Med
TA at UC Davis: Math 16A, 21C, 21D
Math instructor at the UC Davis Extension International Center in cooperation with KAUST 2011-2014 and SABIC 2015-2016. Courses included SAT I and II prep, Precalculus, Differential Calculus, Integral Calculus, and Intro to Physics.
2004-2007: Reed College Math Center Tutor and Grader/TA for intro to analysis, multivariable calculus, intro to theory of computation, and number theory.
Tutoring since 2002. Contact me for more info.

Personal Info

Before coming to grad school, I lived in Portland, Morocco, and France. I married my wife Sophia while we were living in Paris. We have a two year old girl.
When I find some time, I enjoy bountiful Northern California by tasting delicious food and drink, hiking, and going to local pub quizzes. I've also recently been enjoying playing with data and programming. I will post some projects soon. I might even upgrade this page from its 1990's look. :-p

Awards and Honors

2014: Yueh-Jing Lin Scholarship
2012: NSF GRF Honorable Mention
2011-12: GAANN Fellowship
Spring 2011 and Summer 2012: NSF VIGRE Fellowship