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Jennifer Brown

University of California Davis
Department of Mathematics
brown (at) math.ucdavis.edu
CV: Curriculum Vitae 2019

I am a PhD candidate in the Department of Mathematics at UC Davis, working under Motohico Mulase. My research interests include quantum topological invariants, moduli of Higgs bundles, and quantization.

My bachelors degree is in both math and physics and from Georgetown University, in Washington, DC. Marcos Rigol was my senior thesis adviser. Between degrees I worked as a systems and infrastructure engineer at a tech company for a couple years. (The company has since been acquired by Oracle.)

Besides my graduate work, I am a wilderness guide for the Outdoor Adventure program at Davis.

Notes & Projects

Visible Graphs
Exploring the connection between planar graphs and projections of embedded convex polyhedra. This was my final project for an Experimental Mathematics course offered spring 2017 at UC Davis.

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