Conferences and summer schools I've attended (or plan to attend).

MSRI May 12 Celebration for Women in Mathematics, year 2022 (online) (May 2022)
American Mathematical Society 2022 Short Course on 3D Printing (online) (January 2022)
Graduate Student Geometry and Topology Conference (online) (April 2021)
MAA Golden Section Meeting (online) (February 2021)
Topology Students Workshop (online, hosted by Georgia Institute of Technology) (July 2020)
2020 Virtual Workshop on Ricci and Scalar Curvature
Southern California Geometric Analysis Seminar, UC Irvine (February 2020)
New Developments in Quantum Topology, UC Berkeley (June 2019)
Bay Graduate Math Conference, UC Berkeley (May 2019)
AMS Fall Western Sectional Meeting, San Francisco State University (October 2018)
Minimal Surfaces, Flows, and Relativity Summer School, University of Connecticut (July 2018)
Minimal Surfaces and Mean Curvature Flow conference, Stanford University (July 2018)
MSRI Summer School on the dbar Problem in the 21st Century (June 2018)
Geometry and Analysis on Manifolds conference, UC Santa Barbara (May 2018)
AMS/MAA Joint Mathematics Meeting 2018, San Diego (January 2018)
Bay Area Differential Geometry Seminar, UC Davis (April 2017)