MATH 17A   Dr. Daddel

Q:  I have never taken calculus before. I did very well in trigonometry in 11th grade, and was successful in AP Statistics my senior year. I also scored a 30 on the math placement exam with a trigonometry sub-score  of 4. Is there anything that you would recommend that I do to prepare for the class? Do you think my background has adequately prepared me for this course?

If you had Precalculus and did well, you should have no problem,
otherwise I would recommend you to enroll also in MATH 12 and continue
both classes for two weeks, then decide which one you like to continue.
Q:  I wanted to ask can you change my
discussion time of 7:10pm-8:00pm  to an earlier time.Can I go to the
discussion at 6:10-7:00pm? instead of one at 7:10pm-8:00pm.

 Unfortunately all discussion sections are full and also you have to take quizzes in your own registered section.
Please attend your own registered section.
Q: I was wondering if we needed our books for both lecture and

 It is up to you, if you think you use it, have it with you. Normally we do
not need the text book at lectures time.

 Q:  Is it ok if we have the second edition of the
textbook or do we necessarily need the 3rd edition?

A:  If you use the second edition of the text book, it is your responsibility to match the HW assignments with the third addition.