How To study Calculus:
  1. Study 2-4 hours per lecture.
  2. Keep up with course work day by day.
  3. Make your own course plan.
  4. Do your homework.
  5. Find a study partner, or a study group.
  6. Keep your skills sharp.
  7. Check your work.
  8. Prepare for exams.
  9. Learn about test taking skills.
  10. Learn from mistakes.

  11. There are number of things that you can do help yourself success in mathematics.

    1. Study (in detail ) each section(s) that is covered in class, as soon as possible.
    2. Do work out the HOMEWORK assigned and also try to solve other problems at the end of each section.
    3. Read over the section that I will be covering in the next class.
    4. Work with at least two other people in the class. You can learn better by communicating your mathematical knowledge.
    5. If you have math anxiety or test anxiety in general : the learning Skill Center offers workshops in overcoming math or test anxiety.
    6. Ask questions if you don't understand something. Ask me in class. Ask other student in your study group,(of course no in class). Ask your TA in office hours or discussion section. Ask me in my office hours.
    7. Feel free to go to T.A.'s and my office hours to ask your questions. Don't wait until the night before the test.
    8. How to use office hours: You will get a lot more out of office hours if you spend some time thinking about things first, then coming for clarification. Feel free to come see me if you get stuck on a particular homework problem and want suggestions on how to do it. Feel free to come see me if you are confused. Definitely come see me if you are so confused that you don't know what to ask.
    9. How to communicate If you have any question, problem, comments, suggestion or an idea regarding text book, lectures, homework, tests, grading, TA's, or any thing related to your performance in this course, please let me know. You could come to see me, send me an e-mail,  Visit the course website and click on "feedback" then write your comments for write me a note (with or without your name) and drop it on the desk ( 0n my class folder) before or after class.