Calculus Room-MAT 16ABC/17ABC-NEW 

During Fall 2017, we will have 1317 Earth & Physical Sciences building for use as a Calculus Room for 16ABC and 17ABC.
Open Hours
Monday 1PM - 4PM
Tuesday 4PM - 7PM
Wednesday 1PM - 4PM
Thursday 4PM - 7PM
Friday 11AM - 4PM

Note: The Calculus Rooms are closed during Finals Week, breaks, holidays and the summer months.

We will have both a 16 and a 17 TA there at most times, and multiple TAs at busy times.  
Any 16 or 17 student is welcome to drop in for help at any hour when it is open.

List of Discussion sessions and Teaching Assistants
MAT-017A    B01    48411          T 0710-0800 PM    WELLMN 115          Lazarus, Tynan       E-mail :

MAT-017A    B02    48412          T 0710-0800 PM    OLSON 217               Shu, Chang                     

MAT-017A    B03    48413          T 0610-0700 PM    WELLMN 115           Shu, Chang                  
MAT-017A    B04    48414          T 0810-0900 PM    WELLMN 115           Lazarus, Tynan            
MAT-017A    B05    48415          T 0310-0400 PM    HART 1130                Polishchuk  Ryan          
MAT-017A    B06    48416          T 0410-0500 PM    WELLMN 115           Liu, Wen                        

MAT-017A    B07    62904          T 0510-0600 PM    WELLMN 115           Liu, Wen