LATE Enrollment:   MATH 22AL (Computer Lab For Linear Algebra)

If you added the course after the mandatory sessions, you may do the following to catch up on the work and information:

Please note that this is an online course, we had one mandatory session that everyone has to attend at the beginning of the quarter that you missed it. I put Videos of the mandatory session at the end of this page. So if you watch them, you have not missed anything.

1. If you enrolled after the due date of  labs, you need to contact me (  to set up new due date(s).

2. Please create an account on MATH DEPT computers visiting this page. You need click on Create Account, then choose the section you registered, enter your name and ST ID, the click submit. You will receive your username and password.

3.  You can go to Computer LAB in 2118 MSB ( Step 3 below) or work from home ( Step 5 bellow).

 You may find more info  about the course by Reading  this summary of the course information.

4. Go to 2118 MSB (undergraduate computer lab) and follow the instructions here

5. For additional help, see and go to  TA  office hours (information on the home page of the site).

6. For information on how to work from your own computer visit:

a) Windows Operating System

b) MAC Operating system

7. Videos from the mandatory session:

a - Starting the lab

b - Finishing the lab

c - Editing and submitting