Here find all my books, papers, and software with some brief description.

Most of my papers since 2002 are available at the mathematics ArXiv.
I am glad to send old reprints by request.


My broad area of research is Combinatorial Computational & Applied Mathematics

This means my very personal way to do Mathematics is to have a

Computational and
Applied view of everything, but most often
Convex Analysis & Geometry,
Algebra & Algebraic Combinatorics,
Optimization, Operations Research,and many many
Other things!

Here is a summary of my work , with some highlights.

Research Seminar: CCACAOO

Because of my interests I run a hands-on weekly seminar baptized as the CCACAOO Seminar
(indeed, it provides sweet intelectual caffeine and speakers often bring chocolate(s) to share too).


All students interested should feel welcome to contact me. Here is some information for undegraduate and graduate students who wish to work with me.