During Winter quarter 2018 I will teach a graduate seminar.

Here are other classes that I particularly enjoy teaching because
they are more directly related with my research interests:

MATH 114 Convex Geometry

MATH 115A "Theory of Numbers" .

MATH 115B "Theory of Numbers" .

MATH 128C "Numerical Differential Equations''.

MATH 145 Combinatorics

MATH 146 "Algebraic Combinatorics''.

MATH 160 Mathematics for Data Mining and Decision Making

MATH 165 "Math and Computers" .

MATH 167 Applied Linear Algebra

MATH 168 "Mathematical Optimization''.

MATH 189 Advanced Problem Solving: Capstone

MATH 250 "Algebra" .

MATH 245 "Enumerative Combinatorics" .

MATH 246 Algebraic & Geometric Combinatorics

Every two years or so I try to teach a graduate class (as Topics class MATH 280) on my current research interests.
Here is the last two I taught:

MATH 280 "Algebraic and Geometric Methods in Optimization''.

MATH 280 Geometric and Topological Tools in Game Theory and Optimization

Sometimes when I teach a class students feel artistic and attempt to portray me.



Here is a list of my former Ph.D Students

Doing a senior thesis is a nice experience. You get to use all you have learned in college in a single project and research gives you a taste of graduate school. Topics are very diverse. You can see a list of all honors senior thesis, since 2008. If your GPA is good, you should consider doing research to graduate with honors!

At UC Davis alone Prof. De Loera has supervised for the work of many undergraduates (those that went to graduate school marked with schools names, * means wrote a paper or a senior thesis).

Amber Johnston, Cynthia Miranda* (CSU Long Beach), Marisa Garcia, Natasha Slepoy* (Columbia Univ), Jon Brooks, Jeremiah Tauzer* (Purdue U.), Peter Huggins* (UC Berkeley), David Haws* (UC Davis), Austin Shapiro* (Univ. Michigan), Michael Zhang, Esteban Pauli* (U. Illinois Urbana), Carol Hshi, David Karapetyan* (USC), Katherine Stalder* (Stanford), Creed Erickson* (UC Davis), Luis de la Torre* (Northwestern U), Tia Baker, Servando Narvaez * (UC Berkeley), Allison O'Hair* (MIT), Matthew Vicksell, Karla Lanzas* (San Francisco State), Rex Cheung* (UC Davis), Nancy Tafolla* (San Diego U), Courtney Dostie, Katherine Burggraf, Brandon Dutra* (UC Davis), Timothy Ingram* (Stanford), Samantha Cappozo, Jianqiu Wu* (Rice U.), Stanislav Moreinis* (Stanford), Gregory Pinto, Ying Shi* (UC Berkeley), Longphi Nguyen* (UC Davis), Yuan Yuan Shen* (Stanford), Laila Rizvi*, Connor Duthie*, Victor Fuentes*(U. Michigan), Sachin Salgaonkar*, Gabrielle Chwalik*, Jacqueline Rodriguez (UCLA), Hanna Polterock, Melody Molander (U. Oregon), Trevor Chan, Emily Macway, Brendon Verissimo, Corina Putinar, Sam Asher, Miguel Gil (San Jose State), Carmen Galaz (UC Santa Barbara), Leonardo Ferrer (UC Davis), Alberto Flores.Alicia Figueroa, Maya Nelson, Megan Liska* (Georgetown Univ), Jianping Pan, Kevin Sumner*, Benjamin Bairrington*, Li Li (Univ. of Washington), Sean O'Cleary, Morgan Imel, Arina Ushakova (UC Davis), Trevor Chan* (UC Davis), Jenette Sellin, Mengda Xu (CMU), Matthew Corbelli, and Santiago Rodriguez, Alondra Horta, and Dominic Yang* (UCLA).

Here are some papers in which undergraduates student contributed as co-authors.