Derek K. Wise

I'm an Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Concordia University St. Paul. Previously, I was at the University of Erlangen, where I held postdoctoral positions in both the Department of Mathematics and the Institute for Quantum Gravity. Before that, I was an NSF VIGRE Research Assistant Professor of Mathematics at U.C. Davis (2007-2010) My Ph.D. (2007, UC Riverside) was supervised by John Baez.


My research is in applications of algebra and geometry in mathematical physics. Some of my current interests include:


I enjoy teaching a wide range of courses. Some of my favorites to teach are vector calculus, differential equations, linear algebra, differential geometry, algebra and topology. But I also really enjoy teaching "Contemporary Mathematics"—a course where I get to introduce students who may never take a further math course to a bunch of areas of mathematics that have a major implications for society: probability, statistics, finance, voting theory, graph theory, and more. See my page on teaching for a record of courses I've taught.

Some other interests


Did you know that you can cut a Koch snowflake out of the middle of a Koch snowflake, leaving six more Koch snowflakes behind? Repeat this process iteratively and you get an analog of the Sierpinski triangle; we could call it the "Sierpinski Koch Snowflake":

Contact data:

Dept of Mathematics and Computer Science
Concordia University Saint Paul
1282 Concordia Avenue
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55104

w s @ s . d   i e c p e u

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