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About Me

I graduated with highest honors from UC Davis in 2017 with two bachelor degrees - Computer Science and Computational Mathematics. Throughout my undergraduate career, I have developed a strong foundation in machine learning, optimization, numerical analysis, and algorithm development. Moreover, In 2016 I began working as the Senior Systems Tech for Forage Genetics Int, the world leader on genetically engineered alfalfa. There I introduced systems for both streamlining their data analytics with Tableau and lab processes with a custom-made LIMS. I have also developed a predictive model for auto tetraploid dosage calling using a mixed semi/full supervised machine learning model. Over the next year my plans include executing the development of a new data science division at Forage Genetics, while continuing my education at UC Davis with a plan to get my Master's degree in May 2018. If you are interested in data science, contact me at dsherman@landolakes.com to inquire about any available internships.

Class Files

Answer keys, tutorials, and helpful tips for my classes

MAT21C Discussion Keys

Keys to the weekly discussion session worksheets. Updated irregulary; however, I strive to finish them well before the exams.

Patrick JMT

Youtube videos from Patrick JMT. I used these when I was first learning about infinite series, and it helped me a lot.

Plus Magazine

Interesting notes on infinite series and their uses in the modern world. Also gives concrete visuals to help understand infinite series.


Students of UC Davis get Matlab for free. Download it here!

MIT Open Courseware

MIT offers many of its classes' lectures online for free. This is one on Calculus up to infinite series and Taylor series.

Library Genesis

For those of you who like textbooks as pdfs or hate being overcharged for textbooks; you should read about library genesis

Contact Me

Contact me with any questions by visiting my office hours or sending me an email

Office Hours:
Wednesday 4PM - 5PM, Calc Room
Thursday 4PM - 6PM, MSB 3240