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About Me

I graduated with highest honors from UC Davis in 2017 with two bachelor degrees - Computer Science and Computational Mathematics. Throughout my undergraduate career, I have developed a strong foundation in machine learning, optimization, numerical analysis, and algorithm development. Moreover, In 2016 I began working as the Senior Systems Tech for Forage Genetics Int, the world leader on genetically engineered alfalfa. There I introduced systems for both streamlining their data analytics with Tableau and lab processes with a custom-made LIMS. I have also developed a predictive model for auto tetraploid dosage calling using a mixed semi/full supervised machine learning model. Over the next year my plans include executing the development of a new data science division at Forage Genetics, while continuing my education at UC Davis with a plan to get my Master's degree in May 2018. Access my full CV and transcripts here.


Software and Tools I've Developed for Work and School


A Math Theorem classifier using NLP to classify theorems off wikipedia according to their terminology.

Portfolio Manager

A decision support tool using Tableau and R data analytics to support breeding decisions at Forage Genetics.

Genotyping LIMS

A Java Based LIMS system that tracks and expedites lab processes by communicating with the lab equipment.


An auto-tetraploid dosage caller. Trains on qPCR output of RQ values.


A genetic sequence classifer using Convolutional Neural Networks to classify the 16S gene of microbiota.

Optimization Algorithms

A collection of key numerical analysis and optimization algorithms implimented in Matlab.

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