Eric G. Samperton

Contact Information

E-mail: e g s a m p @ either or just Make sure to remove all the blank spaces.

Office: 2137 Mathematical Sciences Building.

Snail Mail:
Mathematics Department
1 Shields Avenue
University of California
Davis, CA 95616

About (the mathematical) me

I am a Ph.D. candidate in the Math Department at UC Davis. My advisor is Greg Kuperberg. My thesis work lies at the intersection of computational complexity and 3-manifold topology. I am also collaborating with Harry Baik on a geometric group theory project. I am broadly interested in geometric topology and group theory, quantum algebra, and computational complexity and quantum computing.

Here's my CV. And here's a very full, loose lamination with \(\mathbb{Z}/4 * \mathbb{Z}/3\) symmetry:



Harry Baik and Eric Samperton. "Spaces of invariant circular orders of groups." Accepted for publication in Groups, Geometry, and Dynamics. arXiv Front

Juan Alonso, Harry Baik and Eric Samperton. "On laminar groups, Tits alternatives, and convergence group actions on \(S^2\)." Submitted to Bull. LMS. arXiv Front

Greg Kuperberg and Eric Samperton. "Computational complexity and 3-manifolds and zombies." In preparation. Manuscript available upon request.

Eric Samperton. "Computational complexity of enumerative link invariants." PhD thesis. In preparation.


"Tannaka reconstruction for finite groups." I went over this in discussion section for MATH 250B. PDF


During the 2017 Summer Session 1, I am the associate instructor for MATH 115A Number Theory, which meets MTWR mornings 8:00-10:00 in Cruess 107. My office hours are Tuesday and Wednesday 10:00-11:00am and 1:00-2:00pm.

About (the personal) me

I'm from North Carolina. I'm actually an Army brat, but we never moved. I was an undergrad at Caltech, where I lived in Ricketts Hovse. In my free time I like to trail run, and cook and eat vegan food.

My brother Kyle is a grad student at Princeton, where he is involved in some very exciting work in geology and geochemistry.