Emily Meyer

Mt. Si

emily meyer

Applied Mathematics

University of California, Davis

MSB 3125

emeyer [at] math [dot] ucdavis [dot] edu



I am a PhD candidate in the math department and the applied math graduate group.

I'm also a 2019-2020 Graduate Writing Fellow for the Writing Across the Curriculum program.



Broadly, I study mathematical biology. My current area of focus applies mathematical models to study cardiac pacemaking. I have also done research in experimental neuroscience (investigating the mechanism of food- and drug-induced circadian rhythmic patterns via the suprachiasmatic nucleus of the mouse brain) and in analysis (using variational methods to study two-parameter eigencurves for the p-Laplacian Sturm-Liouville equation). Contact me for any additional details!


Associate Instructor:

  • MAT 012 (Summer Session II 2018): Precalculus

Teaching Assistant (recent):

  • MAT 108 (F19): Introduction to Abstract Math
  • MAT 119A (F18): ODEs
  • MAT 025 (F17): advanced calculus/introductory real analysis
  • MAT 017C (S17): calculus for biosciences
  • MAT 017A (F16, W17, F18): calculus for biosciences