Alternate location for Friday June 3rd: Cruess Hall 107

Math 180 - Pursuit Games on Graphs

MWF 2:10-3:00 pm, Wickson 1038

Course Information

Instructor: Erik Slivken
Email: erikslivken at
Office:MSB 3145
Office hours: M 11am-Noon, W Noon-1pm, or by appointment
The Game of Cops and Robbers on Graphs by Anthony Bonato and Richard Nowakowski

Upcoming Schedule

****Project Proposals Due Monday, May 2nd****

Week 10:Final Project Posters:
Wednesday, June 1st:(Jeremy), (Shuhan), (Michael), (Cesar, Frank, Kenneth), (Raymond)
Friday, June 3rd:(Doug, Kate, Lauren), (Jiajun, Xiaozhu), (Treena), (J.E., Kris), (Chase, Henri)
Week 9:Presentations
Week 7-8:Random Graphs
Week 6: Planar graphs
Week 5: Chapter 3. Diameter 2 graphs
Week 4: Chapter 3. Meyniel's Conjecture
Week 3: Chapter 2. Classifying Cop-win graphs
Week 2: Finish Chapter 1
Week 1: Chapter 1

Updated homework list can be found here.

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A short description of the course can be found here: Syllabus

It is strongly encouraged that you work on homework problems in small groups. If no one in your group can figure out a problem, email me, or ask me during office hours. The write up of solutions to homework problems will be a major part of your grade and should be done individually



The Game of Cops and Robbers
by Anthony Bonato and Richard Nowakowski


Students will present summaries of relevant papers in the literature. Here are a few suggestions and useful links.

Other Resources

Matt Devos' lecture notes on graph theory:

An online probability book


Final Group Paper and Presentation: 30%
Homework: 60% each
Individual Presentations: 10%

Homework will be collected every Monday at the beginning of class.

Grades 91-100% = A, 81-90% = B, 71-80% = C, 61-70% = D, 0-60% = F

Various Policies

If you have any problem at all that requires special accommodation, please let me know as soon as possible. From the Student Disability Center:

Any student with a documented disability (e.g. physical, learning, psychiatric, vision, hearing, etc.) who needs to arrange reasonable accommodations must contact the Student Disability Center (SDC). Faculty are authorized to provide only the accommodations requested by the SDC. If you have any questions, please contact the SDC at 530-752-3184 or

The grade I (Incomplete) will not be given in any circumstances. Also, due to a recent policy change, the grade NS (Enrolled No Work Submitted) no longer exists, so you will receive an F if you submit no work.

Turn off all sound on electronic devices during class. Anyone with a ringing cell phone (even if it was an accident) will be asked to leave.

Cheating will be dealt with swiftly and harshly. Any form of cheating will be referred to the SJA.