Dr. William Edward Tavernetti


Office: 1103 Mathematical Sciences Building
Email: etavernetti<a>ucdavis.edu

Current Teaching (Spring 2017)

Math 21B - Integral Calculus (MWF 8-8:50, Haring 2205)

Honors Math 21B - Integral Calculus

Seminar - Computer Simulations for STEM Education (R 2-4, Bainer 1062)

Class websites are on Canvas (Required)

Office Hours for Fall 2017

I will usually be in my office M, W, F 9:10-11:50. These hours will increase around exam times. For specific office hours please see the syllabus under 'Resources' on Smartsite and class announcements for extended hours during exam times.

Coffee Hours for 2017 - Thurs 1-2

Coffee hours for current and former students will run Thursday's 1-2. All are welcome!

This time is not office hours / tutoring for current classes.

Good things to discuss: how to be more successful as a student, life goals, how math / stats / computer science is useful to various careers, problems you are interested in, etc.