This is the page of George Mossessian.

Office: MSB 2129
Email: gmoss [at] math.ucdavis.youknowtherest.

RESEARCH INTERESTS I am primarily interested in 3-manifolds and knot theory.

CV last updated July 2015.

SERVICE Since 2013 I have co-organized the student-run seminar with Eric Samperton. If you would like to speak, send Eric or me an email!

TEACHING WINTER 2016: Math 21B, Calc II.
Past teaching pages. Evaluations from past classes tought.

Stabilizing Heegaard Splittings of High-Distance Knots: arXiv.
A summary of Jesse Johnson's theory of axiomatic thin position, including a proof of the Gordon Conjecture.
My qual proposal and talk.
Ukraine's energy policy under Kuchma and dependence on Russia.

Here are some links to texts that are freely available online.
Lockhart's Lament. A bit idealistic, but a good read.

Free Sheet Music - The International Music Score Library Project.