Benjamin Makoto Godkin

I am a second year student of the Graduate Group in Applied Mathematics interested in partial differential equations and numerical analysis. Watching smoke billow from campfires and the cyles of boiling wort, my inspiration for studying applied mathematics stems from the uncanny ability of using mathematics to model various physical phonomena. Before coming to
Davis in the fall of 2019, I completed a BS in Applied Mathematics at UCLA in 2015, worked a couple of years in legal tech at Ravel Law, and completed an MS in Mathematics at San José State University.
While at San José State, I researched finite element methods for Burgers' Equation, and my advisor was Daniel Brinkman. Below is an application of the Discontinuous Galerkin Method to the inviscid Burgers' Equation.

Classes for which I was a teaching assistant:
Spring 2021 - MAT 17C (Lewis)
Winter 2021 - MAT 21C (Waldron)
Fall 2020 - MAT 17A (Guy)
Spring 2020 - MAT 17C (Rademacher)
Winter 2020 - MAT 21C (Temple)
Fall 2019 - MAT 17A (Dad-del)

Classes for which I was the instructor of record:
Summer Session I 2020 - MAT 22A