MAT 25: Advanced Calculus (Fall 2014)
(CRN 49287 (B1) and 49288 (B2))

     Finals week information:

Final Exam Time and Place: Tuesday, Dec. 16, 3:30pm-5:30pm, in 2016 Haring, the same room where our class meets.

Review Session/ OHs:
Review: Mon., Dec. 15, 3:10-5pm, 140 Physics.
Administrative OH: Monday, Dec. 15, 1-2pm. I will not answer questions about the material during this OH.
Please let me know by Dec. 15, 2pm, if you need any special accommodation!

Material covered on the final: sup and inf, max and min, completeness axiom and consequences, definition of limit of a sequence, algebraic and order limit theorems, monotone sequences and their convergence, subsequences, Bolzano-Weierstrass theorem, Cauchy criterion, convergence of infinite series (definition, absolute convergence, relative convergence, algebraic and order theorems, various tests for convergence), alternating series, rearrangements, geometric series, p-series, infinite limits, limsup, liminf, open sets, closed sets, accumulation (limit) points, isolated points, interior points, boundary points, closure of a set, compact sets (definition, Heine-Borel, open covers), connected sets.

Study tips: Understand all examples we did in the lectures and in discussions. You also need to know how to solve homework problems and problems from the first two midterms. Solving the last discussion problems on your own would be a good to test of your preparation.