Welcome to GSCC 2008!

Welcome to the web page for the Graduate Student Combinatorics Conference 2008 (GSCC 2008). The purpose of this conference is to bring together graduate students in combinatorics, let them practice giving talks, learn about new topics, and get to know other graduate students in their field. The conference will be held April 12-13, 2008 at UC Davis. The schedule will consist of talks given by students, as well as keynote presentations. All participants are invited to give 20 minute talks. The subject need not be original research, but simply something the speaker enjoys and wishes to share. Talks should, in particular, be accessible to an audience of graduate students of varying levels.

If you went to GSCC 2008, please take the survey. Check out our collection of photos from the conference:
Conference photo
Our keynote speakers for GSCC 2008 are Arun Ram and Ron Graham!
You can obtain a PDF copy of the conference poster right here!
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GSCC 2008 is supported by UC Davis Mathematics, NSF VIGRE Grant No. DMS-0636297, NSF Grant No. DMS-0752864, and D. E. Shaw.