Thank you for visiting our survey page. If you went to GSCC 2008, any thorough and detailed responses you can give to the following questions will help in making futures GSCCs a great success:

1. Did you speak at GSCC 2008? If so, was it your first talk outside your home department? How were the speaker accomodations (availability of projectors, laptops, ...)?

2. How were the talks? Were they accessible? Was three parallel sessions just right, too many, or too few? Any suggestions on how to improve the conference schedule? Any comments on the keynote addresses?

3. Did the availability of funding influence your ability to attend GSCC? Did you / Will you receive funding from the conference's NSF grant?

4. How were the amenities? Please comment on pre-conference social, break food, conference dinner, airport trips, etc.

5. Will you graduate this year? If not, do you plan on returning to GSCC next year?

6. Did the talks or informal discussions at GSCC influence your research? Did any talks give you new ideas or directions?

7. How did you benefit from attending GSCC?

8. What suggestions do you have for GSCC next year? Any other comments?