Joel Hass

Professor, Department of Mathematics

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In Winter Quarter 2023 I am teaching MAT 215A, Algebraic Topology.

The schedule for talks in the Geometry and Topology Seminar can be found here: Coming talks

Some past talks were recorded and can be accessed below.

Marc Lackenby's February 2, 2021 talk on a quasi-polynomial unknotting algorithm can be found here.
Marc Lackenby on unknotting in quasipolynomial time.

Michael Freedman talked on March 2, 2021 on "Controlled Mather Thurston Theorems."
Mike Freedman on Controlled Mather Thurston Theorems .

Lisa Piccirillo talked on March 9, 2021 on "Knot concordance and exotica."
Lisa Piccirillo on Knot concordance and exotica .