HOUSING INFORMATION: Future Directions in 3-manifolds

Ann Arbor Michigan, October 15-18, 2005

All participants should make their own reservations and travel arrangements. We have very limited funding for travel reimbursement. Preference for reimbursement will be given to graduate students and recent PhD's. If you have funds available from a grant, please let us know so that we can fund more particpants.

Warning: Please make room reservations early. Due to a football game on 10/15/05, local rooms will be hard to find on Friday and Saturday nights.

A block of rooms has been set aside for Friday through Tuesday at the
Holiday Inn North Campus
3600 Plymouth Rd.
Ann Arbor, MI
(800) 800-5560
(734) 769-9800
The hotel is located near the north campus and there is a shuttle to the central campus The rooms are reserved under "Scott Conference."

The cost is $149 per night for each of Friday and Saturday night. (These are football game nights) The cost will be less for further nights ($89). They have an online booking system. If you book all four nights the cost seems to be less for the first two nights as well. This hotel has a shuttle service to the main campus.
Rooms are only being held till September 1, 2005
To get these rates, reservations must be made before September 1, 2005

Since Sunday and Monday nights are not football nights, it is possible to get hotel rooms near campus on those nights. We are holding rooms on Sunday and Monday nights at the
Dahlman Campus Inn
615 East Huron
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
(800) 666-8693

This hotel is located in easy walking distance from campus in downtown Ann Arbor. The rooms are reserved under "Scott Conference."

The cost is $135.00 per night for Sunday and Monday night. (More if more than one person).

Other Hotels

University of Michigan list: Hotels in Ann Arbor
Note which hotels are close to campus.

A hotel with reasonable rates is the Lamp Post Inn . It is approximately 1.5 miles from campus, so basically within walkable range.

The Sheraton operates shuttle services to campus, but the hours are somewhat limited.

Most major hotel chains have outposts in Ann Arbor which are within easy driving range of campus if you will have a car. Some of these hotels are also on bus lines.

Arborweb's list: hotels in Ann Arbor

Yahoo list: hotels in Ann Arbor

Weber's Inn is a local institution (about 3 miles from campus but not on a bus line) which is reputed to have wonderful desserts.