Preliminary Schedule for Conference on Future Directions in 3-Manifolds

All talks take place in 1360 East Hall

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Saturday October 15

11:00-12:00: Steve Kerckhoff, Stanford
"WYSIWYG topology"

1:30-2:30: Francis Bonahon, USC
"Quantum hyperbolic geometry"

3:00-4:00: Jeff Lagarias, University of Michigan
Computational Topology: Complexity of Algorithmic Problems for 3-Manifolds

Sunday October 16

9:30-10:30: David Gabai. Princeton
"Volumes of Hyperbolic 3-Manifolds"

11:00-12:00: Dick Canary, University of Michigan
"Introductory Bumponomics: Deformation spaces of hyperbolic 3-manifolds."

1:30-2:30: Zlil Sela, Hebrew University, Jerusalem
"Some problems in Diophantine geometry over groups"

3:00-4:00: Peter Shalen, University of Illinois at Chicago
"Hyperbolic volume and classical topology."

Monday October 17

9:30-10:30: Vincent Guirardel, Univerity Paul Sabatier, Tolouse
"Intersection Numbers and Convex Cores"

11:00-12:00: Bruce Kleiner, University of Michigan
"Uniformization and Rigidity beyond the Classical Setting"

1:30-2:30: Peter Kropholler, Glasgow
"Groups of Type $FP_{\infty}$"

3:00-4:00: Graham Niblo, Southampton
"On the algebraic torus theorem."

Tuesday October 18

9:30-10:30: John Morgan, Columbia
"Geometrization of Three-Dimensional Manifolds: A report on The Work of Hamilton and Perelman."

11:00-12:00: Rachel Roberts, Washington University,
"Foliations and Group Actions on {\bf R}}"

1:30-2:30: Hyam Rubinstein, University of Melbourne
"Polyhedral and geometric structures on 3-manifolds."

3:00-4:00: oel Hass, University of California, Davis, and G. A. Swarup and Hyam Rubinstein, University of Melbourne
"The Work of Peter Scott."