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Office Hours: 10:20-12 Tues/Thurs

Syllabus and Assignments will be posted on Smartsite by 12:00AM Jun 23

Hi, I'm Graham. I study math. You can find me in MSB 2232.

My favorite math is combinatorics: that's a fancy word for counting.

42 is special because it is the number of Standard Young Tableux of size 2 by 5, size 3 by 3, and size 5 by 2. It is the 5th Catalan number, and the number of Alternating sign matrices of size 5 by 5.

2,3, and 5 are all important numbers, because they are the prime divisors of 60 and 360.

60 is the basis of many ancient number systems because it is highly composite (list out all the divisors of 60). Because of this we have 60 seconds in a minute and 60 minutes in an hour.

360 is important because it was the first estimate of the number of days it took the sun to revolve around the Earth (or vice versa). That's why there are 360 degrees in a circle--each degree represents one day of the Sun going around the Earth.

Sometimes I prove things. Here's a proof of the Hook Content Formula.

"The lion doesn't run with the antelope."